Lol, I got accused of cheating, haha

This guys kept msging on screen about every member of our team, haha, how we are all cheaters, how we are all reported, etc, etc… We were just laughing about it,… I don’t even know how it would be posslble to cheat on an xbox, and I wasn’t even doing all that well… Just an amusing strange thing… First time someone claimed I cheated, haha…

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Modded xbox…if you play well then I bet you would get accused of cheating…especially using the enforcer…People will cry about anything nowadays

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he’s probably just trolling

Haha, it’s hilarious because hes salty and too stupid to realize reporting someone doesn’t do a thing anymore. I can relate though as I’ve been reported several times because I destroyed them so I must be cheating. Apparently it’s impossible to drop 100+ kills in a KotH match…

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Modded xbox ? Who would do that ? If Microsoft realizes it, you (general “you”, not youreslf) would be banned for life. So LOL bad idea.
I had no idea people could actually cheat on consoles… I don’t think I’ve ever met an Xbox cheater on Gears 4. Usually, they run for Marzka/Boltok/Snipers and are pretty obvious, so I think I would have noticed.

Nice game anyway ! GG

I have a hard time telling cheaters in Gears. Some bad crap happens in this game. I have been on the right side of it a few times and called a cheater. But typically I am on the wrong side. You can tell these players though. Many are Onyx. They do not realize that for whatever reason they eat a ton of shots. My ping generally sits in the 20 or so range. And I have played with people who are higher to near 100. It almost seems like it is ping independent outside of those that will have their ping spike only directly in combat.

But anyway, I have seen a number of player eat shots. I have a number of off screen clips that match up to certain clips of the game. You can frame the clip and see a full on headshot with the gnasher. Everything hits. And the player spins, shoots, misses part, and I die. Game tells me stupid ■■■■ like 1 hit 100% for the other player and 1 hit for some random amount from 80% to 99%. Totally random. I had a great player, seen the player brag about the Onyx rank and literally act like a child with the taunting and teabag type stuff in game, eat shots like that. I hit 2 for 95%. Both were full hits. The player misses the first shot completely and then gets the second one almost full with a few pellets missing. 100% on 1 hit and I die.

Most of these things are why so many people, even ones like me who really like the Gears franchise, cannot take it seriously as a competitive game. I can jump on many other shooters and they feel so much more consistent.

It really is that bad. One of my sons finally picked up 4 about 5 weeks back. We played KotH and he was Gold 3 quick. And is Onyx now. He is not that good at Gears. But his connection helps him. Ping is not the only thing. Yeah, you can tell some by ping. But that is not always it. Makes it look like the player is cheating. Some of it very well could be that. Hell, I saw a diamond rank player that sucked. Sucked the whole first round and then part of the second. Ran away with that game after that point. Eating shots from 4-5 people over and over until we were all dead. We would wipe the other 4 and this player would literally wait and then stroll in and just kill us all. I stayed back just a bit the last 40 points and used the lancer. Player just ate it.

I just cannot even report players in Gears. And I think some fail to realize that they get these advantages. They just see the rank and think they are good. So they fail to question it or really look at it.


If only we could block players permanently they way PC players are able to block someone and never play with them again.

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I’m a PC player… I have no way to block someone and never play with them again. Blocking only means they can’t message me.

Xbox players, however, can turn off their option to play with PC players.

Weird. My friend who plays on PC keeps telling me one of the many benefits of playing on PC is that you can block people and will never run into them again.

Dont know if he was talking in general or if that included gears tho…

Oh people mod their controllers and xbox man…MS can’t find out about everyone of them…people also use that aimbot, hence why they go for the markza/longshot so it’s not like it never happened before…Plus, how can they ban you for life? You can easily make a new GT and get back on

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Where in Canada you from and can I play with your Canadian squad?!

There’s no mod aka jtag for the xbox one, only for the 360 and original. Modded controllers however will always be an issue.

I’ve never run into cheaters myself, just saw some online (youtube). The one which is a dead guve away is the rate of fire hack: where the lancer empties the whole mag in an instant (so it downs you in what is basically a single shot). Clearly a game hack…

Plus modded controllers which simulate rapid fire in semiauto weapons… I think TC should implement some min delay between shots, something that’s tought, but possible for a human player to do, anything faster than that would be ignored…

Yep, the cheaters used modded X-Boxes/controllers or even computer programs when playing on their computers (ever wonder why so many snipers like playing on the computer?). In Horde I’ve seen players killing the game to crash it, where it says you got removed from the game, or even hacking the routers to kill the connection that way, by forcing it to restart.

Some can remove your weapon so you aren’t holding a weapon. Others can even freeze the enemy or use speed boost even when they aren’t scouts. You can tell who’s hacking it because they’ll stay with their back to the wall near the fabricator doing nothing for minutes at a time, then suddenly the game will crash and it says you got removed from the game even though your connection is still on. Others can make their weapons into different weapons, for example it shows them using a snub pistol and they are shooting sniper bullets or dropshots from it.

In GoW 3 and Judgment, there were players who would give themselves infinite torque bow shots so they would never need to reload, and in one case someone even made a second Silverback on the same map, allowing two to be used at once. Others could get out of the map, so they could shoot others from off-map areas without being shot.

And those are just the ones who use technical hacking. Then there are the more obvious and mundane ones who team sabotage by turning sentries around backwards, tossing weapons from storage lockers on the ground, moving the fabricator to the other side of the map so the team can’t revive anyone or deposit money on a key wave, wasting all money on sniper strikes right before boss waves so the team has no money to win, repeatedly throwing shock grenades or shooting embars at team mates so they get stunned and can’t fight incoming enemies, etc. What’s irritating is it always seems to be the LGBTQQIAE players who do the cheating, hacking, and team sabotage in Horde too.

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Just Google ‘gears of war get out of map’ to see all the glitching that’s been occurring with the maps. They keep patching the maps to fix the issues when they find them, but it has been a serious problem. Obviously if cheaters can get out of the maps to where they can shoot and see you but you can’t see them, it affects competitive play quite a bit.

All of this is compounded by the lack of consequences for cheaters even when they get caught. Some cheaters have “reputation needs work” showing because they’ve gotten reported so much, or have very low gamerscores because Microsoft reset their gamerscores in punishment, but are still playing. And as mentioned, they can just create a new gamertag/account even if the original one gets banned.

I always thought players that have brand new gamerscores and are hard to kill was a sign of them using a hacker account…

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