Logitech Wireless Mouse Issue

I have trouble with all my Logitech mouse in wireless/wired mode where it took like 3/4 seconds delay to look around. This happen on my G900, G903, and even the Logitech G Pro wireless.

Connected my trusted logitech mx518 (had this for 13 years) using usb and had no issue. This happened during the tech test also.

Anybody with logitech wireless mouse having the same issue?

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Yes I am having the same issue with my G900, cannot find a resolution yet,

whoops, wrong account… wish that one was deleted finally. logged in with this one in case an answer pops up.

Should have been a well known issue i guess…no issue when playing gears4…not sure if TC even read this forum

Was going to buy a g pro wireless tomorrow if no issue, lucky a friend help to lend his to try

Found a temp fix…in logitech gaming software under polling rate change from default 1000 to 125 and inside gears 5 mouse setting turn on mouse smoothing