Locust Totem Glitch

So I need some COG character kills in any VS game.
Since the new game update, it doesn’t recognise any of my kills. I tried ranked team death match and normal arcade and nothing .

I’m sorry to hear. I had some problems with totems during the update period. I re-booted G5 and it sorted itself out.

As far as I remember, you have to Play swarm characters to register those eliminations. Playing raam, terminators and jermad does not counts as playing as swarm character. I had problem with registering eliminations while i played as jermad and switching to swarm drone solved problem.


thank you. i like to play as terminator. i will swop with a real swarm character.

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My totem says 100% for the Locust drone but it still won’t unlock even tho it says it’s available.

Well, at least I know now why my kills with Myrrah weren’t counting. BS.