Locust/Swarm/DeeBees might they get a staring mode to?

Non Cog forces have gotten a mode like beast and overun but they really need modes where you have a mission like overun gave them,it not offen you get to see both sides of a conflict,and gears need more of that.In the games many vs modes the cog and whoever there fighting just shoot at each other,this is not the same as a mission for the non cog forces.Useing Deebees as just target pratice gets old i want play as a deebee on a find the cog and stop them mission or how about playing as swarm on a mission to stop the cog from stopping your plans.The raam dlc mission was good to,why can’t the locust or deebees get a dlc mission to?

I thought the DeeBees were COG. :thinking:

They are part of 1st minister jins force and shes not alway a fan of the cog,anyway the deebees where corrupted by the swarm and serve them now but it would be cool to see deebees work with cog before the to forces came to blows.Baird created deebees you would think he could turn them back to help the cog again,baird should have had a deebee for just him who he wanted to rescue and get back as his friend,It just seems the deebee would usefull in a pre corruted dlc mission fighting the swarm,the deebee are such a cool force who deserve better then being just something to shoot at.

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Arcade seemed a little like this. When you play as Swarm Sniper, Grenadier, Drone, Hunter and Scion. But I know it’s nowhere near Beast mode or Overrun.