Locust origin in games

I played all the gears story up to 4 so far but not 5 yet

Maybe I missed something but have the games ever explicitly stated how the locust came about?

I had to read it about it on the game wiki to learn about their origins

Play GOW5. It makes it all pretty clear.

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Gears 2 strongly implies how. Gears 5 goes into much more detail, but makes some logic mistakes (falling through the ice on a frozen lake lands you in an open air cavern instead of in the water in the lake).

Tactics also helps give some more details, but then also contradicts some content from both Gears 2 & 5.


Pretty sure that ice was part of a glacier and not a lake.

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Nice, smooth, flat, and at ground level? I was under the impression it was a giant lake. The glaciers were all of the rough, oddly shaped formations sitting on top and around the area.

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Reason I think it shouldn’t be a lake is because the ice formations are basically formed over the excavation site where the Kadar lab was built, and it’s not just a single smooth formation over the top once you’re there. To me, it seemed like the entire area was slowly getting covered in the ice of a glacier which the flat ice over the Kadar lab was a part of, because if you look around some of the spaces within the facility not enclosed by metal walls, you can see ice pretty far into the distance. It’s possible the entire place would eventually be completely sealed off inside the ice.

I’m looking at if from how it appears before you break through the ice. There are other areas of flat, smooth ice at ground level. They all seem like frozen lakes up to that point. If that one is different, then someone did a really bad job of making that distinction. If this area was angled up or down, or had more jagged points/ridges, I might be able to believe it was not a frozen lake.

I’ve played through the campaign 6+ times include 3 times in the last month. Every time I play through it both myself and the person I am playing with discuss it and never find an explanation for this. It always feels like we’re punching a hole in a frozen lake and fall through only to find the water in the lake is gone.

Maybe it was an underground laboratory? And the constant blizzards over the years just buried the facility

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Play 5. I dont wanna spoil it since it is one of the big reveals in the game.

I’ll make up a good story for you.

The locust origins have always been a cultured hardened race that lived in deep in the mantle core of Serra.

Humans polluted Serra when they discovered imulsion & mutated the locust into lambient.

Myyrah , desperate, goes to the surface of Serra to seek refuge/aid.

Is promised to have a solution but can no longer wait as the infestation of lambient multiply.

Myyrah then decides to emerge & being misunderstood monsters fight a new battle with the humans.

Origins of Myyrah: she’s the last royal of the locust. She successfully killed all human/swarm hybrids.

Her father is a locust king & mother a common human.

The royals of locust planned to impregnate woman in hope of making a special breed of Locust that possess the “hive mind”. Only 5 have ever been produced & thus waged wars in the underground mantle of Serra.

All abominations of Locust/humans are what we know as sires. Deformed creatures from the spawns of locust/human adulteries from the royals.

As all locust have their junk chopped off. Hence, the Imago hardened bulge.

Myyrah beheads all. Conquers the underground & unites the locust as one unit.

Myyrah being a royal with “hive mind” is sterile. All that power but no ability to harbor a future air. This her mother like ability to nurture her locust children.


Better love sto… I mean better Gears story than Gears 5! :grin:

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There’s more. Still editing

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Gears 6:

A Kantus priest Skorge lives in gears 2.

Beaten & battered & crippled he was the leader of the Kantus monks for a reason. What he lacked in combat he made up for as a priest.

Despite the blast of gears 3 Skorge did not succumb. His will to survive & protect his queen was too much.

Skorge had performed many rituals that would hardened him from any average locust, a reason he lived.

Woken after the sense of the loss of his queen Skorge retreats to the underground. No lambient. No locust. All alone in the temples of ruins.

Skorge summons the undead locust. This time a hell scorn furry of a grim crazed demon without his leash.

Reviving his best friend Raam & then Karn.

They murder every living thing on Serra. Swarm, human, robot.

Like zombies eating everything alive without mercy.

Thus the hive busters. Going into the hives of the undead that only mist of acid can melt the bones off the undead.

But even with the hive busters they’re is an over whelming armada of the undead locust.

Raam & Karn are just too much for the humans.

No Jacinto.

Everything in ruins.

The humans are once again backed to the brink of extension.

Marcus takes lead once again, this time relying on the new pupils.

Eventually after another game of grooming the noobs. I would have Baird die on this trilogy.

Maybe game 8.

OG Delta fight millions of undead locust & the generals, just them 3. “The battle of the line”

Fahz, JD, Del, Kait go to the underground’s of the dead.

Delta squad buying them time.

They know Skorge is alive & must kill him as intel was gathered he was the doing for this mess.

Skorge is severely crippled & cannot move around like he used to. He resides in the caves.

Skorge is met but he is on mounted on an undead Brumak. No ammo though. This Brumak charges with a rage & pummels anything on site. While having to kill undead wretches.

Team Scorpio & the rest then arrives to help Delta squad as a successful defense of one of their settlements.

As the fights escalate the battle to
Hold the line becomes fierce. But the humans are winning, now United. The undead horde using no weapons & all brute force makes it easier for experienced gears to fight.

But then the skies blacken… something evil lurking… a giant roar in the air… its Raam walking casually towards the line eating every bullet into him. Karn & his beast behind him with backed by royal guards.

The army of the undead pause. Everything pauses. Then Raam gives a command for another swarm of horde. This time the krill about to shred everyone alive.

Baird has a fast solution as he prepaired for this very encounter. He then deploys cog lighted UV armor , as everyone was made to wear it in an event like this. The lightness in the dark.


That fight was pretty good though. Skorge certainly gave Marcus and Dom a hard time, and even chased after them on a bloodmount(is that what it is called? I forgot)

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It was a Hydra, not a Bloodmount. Aka “Reaver on steroids”.


I loved that!