Locust Jermad getting hit by his own sniper bullet LOL

Ya that’s kinda what the Gunner ultimate does.


Obvious observation is obvious. :wink:

That clip sucked, it had a total lack of fornicator

relax, you probably suck at the game thats why you got no skills lol

The fornicator disagrees. Not about your mom tho.

seriously you gotta talk about my mom, you must be a total moron lol

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My man made a joke and you went right to “nah man you suck,” I don’t know if I can support you as a creator anymore.

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its up to you man, but i wouldnt let him talk about my clip and my mom, i work hard to record my clips all day with 1 hour of sleep

I understand being passionate about video content but jeez, that’s not healthy.

Unless you’re a natural insomniac, in which case, ignore my comment and carry on.

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lots of ice coffee thats why lol

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How old are you man? How are you getting 1 hour? If you’re being serious work it out. Trust me it won’t work out in the long run.

I work two jobs, but I still get 8 hours and have 5-8 hours a day to game and… be on here.

33 lack of sleep + plus coffee

Need an editor?

im good dude, i just need a break sometimes lol

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Eh… he made a jokey comment about your clip. Then you said he sucked at the game, THEN he mentioned your mum AFTERWARDS. In that order. If anything, you jumped the gun.

if he was joking, he could have said “ok im kidding”, didnt have to say my clip sucked

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This was the order of comments. He made the jokey comment about your clip (which is very obviously a joke), and you jump straight in about him sucking at the game. Given that he started with a jokey comment (which as I said is very obviously a joke), and you railed in on him immediately afterwards I expect it’s hard for him to just apologise given your immediate follow-up.

Also, it’s a “your mum/mom” insult. This is the kind of thing that is either an ironic joke, or the kind of thing an 11 year old schoolboy uses. It doesn’t need to be dignified by a response. :stuck_out_tongue:

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well you dont see me say the word “suck” on other people clips, i respect people clips because they work hard for it for hours

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Sorry for offending you, that was never my intention