Locust Expressions/Voices

So, now that Kantus is out, how do you guys feel they’ve done with the new voice lines for the Locust so far?

The new lines for RAAM and the Theron(/Jermad) Are pretty solid. They sound identical, for the most part. The only nitpick I have is some of the dialogue lasts FOREVER lmao.
With the Locust Drone, some of the expressions sound a bit weird. Like the “Greeting” & “Gratitude” sound good. Then, there’s some other lines like “Group up” that just sound off lol. Like he’s a bit overweight & has a mouth full of marbles.
But, I mean, it’s fine. I can deal with it.

Then, today I was excited to hear the Kantus lines. And I was kinda disappointed, to say the least.
With Gears 4, you could tell some ■■■■ was up & it might be a different voice actor, but it still sounded like Kantus. But, now it sounds like a completely different character altogether. It’s such a far cry from the original voice.
Like Robin Atkin Downes is in the game, why didn’t they just use him lol? Cuz there’s no way that’s actually his voice they used.

But, the one positive thing I will say is that I wouldn’t mind if they used that new voice for Ketor Vrol if they decided to use him later on down the line, since he’s a completely separate character. Shouldn’t be too outlandish of an idea, especially since they got Ukkon out here sounding like Unicron Trilogy Starscream lmao.

Man, this really turned into a rant, didn’t it? Sorry lol.

Kantus’ expressions sounds like he’s on helium. I can still dig it, it has its own style to it, it’s just very much not normal for kantus, to the point where it’s funny at times.

Drone’s expressions are gravelly and muffled. The Bolter skin adds reverb on top of all that. It’s all very visceral sounding. I’m a fan of it.

Agreed with Raam and Jermad.

Not a deal braker for me but yeah, kantus lines just don’t sound right.

And regarding locust/swarm dialogue in general, I hope TC works on it a little, since most lines are completely unintelligible and the few that do they either take too long or just don’t sound appealing at all. I just unlocked the “Boo” and it kinda works on most humans but not a single fit for the other side, quite disappointing.

Kantus sounds like Gollum.


Kantus sounds weird, but only because the voice was so legendarily recorded before. The video of the guy recording doing the lines blew my mind as it was his natural voice, without any digital processing. It was all very death-metal.

Kantus is the only real fast paced understandable one and it may be different but I always gotta support my Imulsion Breathing Bois

Wow, you nailed it. It does sound like he’s on helium lmao.
In that case, maybe shifting the pitch down a bit would make his voice sound a bit less weird.

I usually only use Laugh or one-word expressions on most Swarm. I don’t use any on RAAM cause they take too long and are difficult to understand in some cases. If you play with a mic & team, expressions are mostly worthless anyway.

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I will say this, the “Boo” for the Imago is actually kinda hilarious lol.

But, yeah, the rest just will just kinda say “Weak” or “Feeble” or something.

It is Robin. And it was him in gears 4 as well. The reason is technology. The old audio technology, for better of worse, gave the kantus that unintended crackle. Think of it like graphics, his model and voice are up to date with technology.


Really now? Huh. Didn’t realize different audio software (I think that’s what he’s saying? Don’t really know what a “pipeline” is) could make that much of a difference. Crazy.
Guess that’s why the Drone sounds a bit different as well.

I think if they lowered the pitch of the Kantus voice a bit, it’d sound a little closer to what he used to sound like.

Either way, I’m glad we got some kind of confirmation about it. It’ll probably grow on me eventually lol.

Pipeline is the quality the sound is processed/Rendered through. The software, hardware and the length all have a difference.

I know this is very old news now, but on the topic of Kantus’s voice again lmao.

Judging by the VA’s old videos, the voice seems to be a mixture of things: An inhale, a growl & an “evil villain” voice all layered over each other.
The newer voice lines seem to have the “evil villain” voice mixed way higher than the growls and/or inhales, or at least, that’s what I’m theorizing.
OR, theory ​B: there are just no inhales at all.

Anyway, anyway. I’m done now lol.
Sidenote, I can’t believe it’s been over a year since the Kantus came out. A year and a half pretty much. Crazy.