Locust enemies WILL come to Regular Horde

Just confirmed in their current Dev Stream, by Michael Shannon. No idea on if they are going to be their own “Set” of enemies (like juvies-imagos, leeches-drones and robots) or if they will be simply added to the later pool of waves on said enemies, But they are coming =)


They can replace Leeches. Just make the chainsaw not BS when they use it.


It would be better if they were a their own set of enemies.

I know that Boomers, Tickers, Wretches won’t be a thing but hopefully for the future? They could just add the Lambent in to fill in those gaps.

The bosses are covered are pretty much covered
The mini boss pool

  • Karn
  • Jermad

The main boss maybe they could make things more interesting by having 3 at a time Raam, Skorge and Myrrah,

But whatever happens it’ll be good to have them back in normal Horde again.


just judging by the video apparently you think its perfectly fine to run out in the middle of the map without any kind of trouble befalling you? Not only that, you just assume every shotgun shot is a 1 shot kill. Nevermind that you could have simply ‘kited’ that dude, bleed them, then simply back up but surely that is far too complex right?

Edit: Theron’s have lots of health, that Theron ate your first shot then chainsawed you, to blame anyone but yourself for that is insane.

Highly doubt it. They’ll probably be thrown in with regular horde enemies, the bigger question is if they’ll also add in the bosses.


it would be cool to have the bloodmounts make a return

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I don’t see any BS in that video. All I see is a rookie mistake. That mistake is not rolling away from a chainsaw wielding enemy after shooting them that close as infiltrator. A second shot would’ve finished him off if you did.

He didn’t even rev the chainsaw

There’s this thing, that’s supposed to happen if you get shot when you attempt to chainsaw you get interrupted? Maybe you’ve experienced it? Yeah he didn’t do that. He just ate the shot and then chainsawed me without even revving it.

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All the locust bosses can probably work well as mid-wave bosses, given how kinda easy it is to cheese them.

I know what animation you’re talking about. It’s the stagger that happens when you hit them. The Chainsaw on Siege is also much faster which I think is intentional so I doubt it will be changed.

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They need to improve their AI a little bit, I don’t like seeing Jermad go down easy or Skorge.

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Thank u Op for the info😎I’ve missed the cool horde events,but I’ve viewed them on YouTube ,Very well done TC

I’mnot happy about that anyways. The Locust don’t belong in horde, even less than uncorrupted debees.
Anyways if it has to be, at least make them their own set and don’t add any debees or swarm to the wave, so I can just pretend it didn’t happen. Basically like nexus siege.

Should have left them in a regular event.

The loyal guards of the Queen do not get one-shotted by your pitiful Gnasher!

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In his defense though, he’s an Infiltrator with full stim on Wave 4 surrounded by teammates and the Theron never did the chainsaw revving animation.

The time of the revving chainsaw is over.
The era of insta-bisection is just beginning!


I wasn’t trying to one-shot him, after the first shot I realized he had a Lancer and tried to move out of chainsaw range.

@Vanden255 (want to reply to both of you in 1 go) stim does not do ANYTHING to protect you against instakills (chainsaw for example)

I’ve gotten killed via chainsaw 1 time and that’s because I ran past a Cyclops. You gotta respecc them lancers man, they’re not just wielding toys, they are meant to murder you with them so anytime you see a cyclops (or any enemy that can instakill you) be patient and look for an opening.

What’s really dangerous about them is just how ridiculous that DPS is, feels like you are fighting a less predictable Elite Drone, those suckers shred.

If your using a melee class maybe consider picking up a lancer so that way when inevitably they try to splice you you can defend yourself better, if your playing infiltrator just be more patient and just to try ‘kite’ them, for those of you that don’t what Kiting is its when you get in a specific range in order to maximize your damage/effectiveness so you wanna cause the bleeding from 5 meters away not 2 for example in this situation.

Queen Reyna and Kraken boss > Locust

Christ dude, it should be obvious that the Guard shouldn’t have been able to chainsaw me there. There wouldn’t have been enough time for him to rev the chainsaw between him getting shot and when I was actually chainsawed if he was following the rules. Your advice is unwarranted; I didn’t do anything in the clip that should’ve gotten me killed.

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I’m pretty sure they still go by the same rules but there health is so ridiculous that it wasn’t enough to stop the chainsaw rev. Last time I say this but just be cautious.