Locust Drone Totem challenge doesn't count

Today I wanted to grind the Locust Drone Challenge. “Die Groundwalker” (kill 100 COG Characters).

Surprise Surprise, guess what happend. Another ■■■■■■■ bug in this trashgame.

I tried Arcade Quickmatch and FFA 14. Did several rounds, even won the FFA and not a single kill counted for the totem challenge.
I googled some advices (FFA), but it doesn’t work for me at all. Still 0/100 kills.

Of Course the totem is equipped. Any solution but raging AGAIN! -.-

I was playing a few games of 2x arcade mode when it was available and it wasn t tracking the kills for drone or even head shots for jerod. I played regular arcade mode and got my kills and headshots that way.

I tried the regular arcade quickmatch :frowning:

Man, this bug seems pretty rare. I hope TC has addressed it at least.

Same problem. So Arcade? Cause TC sure as hell won’t fix it. Ever-

Yea probably, but meanwhile I got the challenge. The kills started to count, when I did not choose Terminator as character.

Playing as Kantus and my kills aren’t counting

Switch to a launch swarm character that isnt unlockable, you’ll get the kills if you do so