Locust drone totem bug

I am killing cog players in versus but it still shows only 8, what can i do??

Use swarm characters, totem does not work with RAAM, Terminators, Jermad, Kantus, and probably Warden.

The Warden should work. I imagine they track it based off what symbol the character has in their card. The Locust all have Locust symbols, the Swarm has Swarm symbols, and the Terminator has… the Fenix Omen.

It should, but i have not got chance to check it. There is a chance that TC forgot to sign warden to swarm character and its treated like a villain without being a swarm, or totem restricts requirements to proper characters. This should be included in the description of proper challenge in totem, so players should not be confused.

Thanks, ill try that, i was playing with terminator