Locust Drone in Operation 2?

If you look closely, behind Baird you can see a Locust Drone!

Wait, an AD for the STORE shows Baird and Locust drone?!

Uhhhhh, what?? If this is real, this means it’s going to be via the totem system. Great. The well-received totem system. Goddamnit

that would be sick… to shoot them up on horde… I think could be fun.

Definitely missing the opportunity to put the locust “drones” from the campaign in first, but I’m guessing they will eventually put Grenadiers in and make it a TOD skin.

it’s odd this new pop-up happened today but not last Tuesday

As if they intended Operation 2 to be this week but forgot to change this


Or it’ll be a placeholder for a Halo character like the Pre-Orders.

It does look like a drone but could also be Paduk I mean he had a more rounded armor and his hair style can make the shadow look bald ish