Locust characters playable in horde

I believe TC should add Locust characters to be playable in gears 5’s horde mode if they take out character locked classes in the future. I only say locust characters since having swarm characters fighting on your side would be confusing during hectic situations. I also just want them to be playable because i have a lot of my favorite characters on the locust side. If there was a way to differentiate between the real swarm and friendly player swarm characters, i would say add the whole swarm/red side but since that is probably too much to ask for i only ask for locust characters fighting on the cog side.

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Locusts as enemies!

anyway, why would locust fight on the cog side?


I requested this back at launch. I want every PvP character from both sides to be available for Horde.


I mean we have literal super soldiers from outer space joining the cog, so why not have some of the locust on their side too? It’s not like its canon or anything, just a fun idea that i feel like TC should add considering i’m not the only one that wants this :slight_smile:


Remember this?

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I think we’d rather all have beast mode tbh, if you want to play as locust can you not just play gears 3 beast mode, the only reason the locust exist in Gears 5 is because people beg for them as characters, I’m fine with it as long as it as they stay in MP, people need to let go and enjoy the swarm now.


Escape makes no sense to me, it might be a good game mode, but it makes no sense, and should not exist…
Beast modes makes sense, and it should have been brought back. Or, i cannot remember the name of it at the moment, Gears of War Judgement had a fantastic mode, whilst it was PVP, i think The Coalition could have made it in to a PvE, where you can play as the Horde or the CoG.
I would prefer the Gears of War Judgement of Beast, and it being PvE and not PvP.

Escape has the potential to be re-designed in to something more meaningful, such as you enter the building or complex on foot at one end and you have to descend in to the bottom of said building, plant a bomb and escape. Make this in to Three or 4 sections, you get Experience Points the further you go, all the while you are fighting the Horde. This game mode has the potential to be played as both factions, Attack and Defence. Sort of like a Bomb mode in other games, plant the bomb escape, or the other side wipes out the attacking side and dis-arms the bomb.
This mode also has the ability to be PvP or PvE, or both. I dislike PvP, so i know which i would choose.

What about escape makes no sense to you? Because you claimed initially that it doesn’t make sense then returned with a gameplay idea, I’m confused.


Snatchers do not always Pod people they pick up, there is a 50% chance (roughly, could be less, or more) that said people will be killed, digested or turned into goo. Escape makes it 100% chance you will be Podded. This makes no sense to me at all.
It does not take a genius to figure this one out. Also, my idea works on the Escape game mode, not for it, Two different things. All my idea does is, use the existing maps and existing idea of kill or be killed, it just changes the Snatcher and Podding idea, this is the part i disagree with. Besides, my idea is better, more realistic.

Do you have something you found in the lore that proves this chance you speak of, whether it’s being podded or turned into goo?
Would very much like to see what you have found.

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Everyone would start getting confused if swarm characters where added as playable in horde …


You obviously never played Gears of War 4 Campaign or Horde. Even in Gears 5 Horde the Snatcher gets you, you are goo or you are saved. Escape changes everything. Why you can not see that is beyond me.

Horde is not canon. Snatchers just turn you into goop because TC doesn’t want the boss to down, take one player then wander off the map and never return. It is a mechanic unique to the mode because of it being different to the Campaign where the Snatcher isn’t supposed to wander off to pod someone. Unless you think it makes sense for a Horde boss to show up, down a player then walk off the map and despawn since it can’t cause an “objective failure” by wandering off with someone.

And in the Campaign if a Snatcher takes a player or bot it tries to walk off outside of the accessible map presumably to pod its prey, because that’s literally what they are for. Pod humans so they turn into Juvies. There wouldn’t be many pods around if Snatchers just dissolved the humans they take.

And I’m not a fan of Locust or Swarm being playable on the player side in Horde, not just because it might cause the occasional visual confusion(I wouldn’t be bothered by it, there is no friendly fire in Horde anyway), but also due to the fact that it’d just be weird. They should just give players who want Swarm/Locust in PvE Overrun or Beast.


Pretty sure it’s not as simple as that. The ventilator masks allow the Hivebusters to stay conscious and break out before that happens. There could be other things involved too from the expanded universe (books and comics) - steroids or something maybe. The things you cite confuse gameplay mechanics with the actual lore.

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Ideally there would be a mechanic to free oneself from a Snatcher as Oscar did in Gears of War 4.


Escape doesn’t make sense but beast mode does? Oh please. In escape characters get podded with a mask that keeps them awake and prevent them from being connected to the hive, therefore they don’t turn to goo or juvies.
In beast mode you literally kill heroes like marcus and dom and they spawn the next wave, how does that make more sense?
I’d love to see beast mode return, but we all know that escape makes much more sense to the point that they made comics about it and teased a campaign for it. I don’t see any comics about beserkers killing all cog heroes over and over again😂

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The reason the snatcher turns players into gloop rather than pod them is purely down the gameplay of horde, what you are saying is not fact, the gamemode makes plenty of sense, you’ve obviously not read into the comics.

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In horde, the snatchers’ aim is to kill characters, which is why they turn them into goo, but usually their aim is to pod characters so they can turn into juvies, like what the snatcher was trying to do to Marcus back in gears 4

I very much doubt any of The Coalitions Gears games are Canon, Microsoft may have bought out Gears of War franchise from Epic, everything including the Kitchen sink, but lets face it, does anyone here really think Gears of War 4 and Gears 5 is Canon. Escape is just another attempt to sucker us fans into another great idea, Comics may do the mode justice, but still. I can not see any of the Gears stuff being Canon except Gears of War, Gears of War 2 and Gears of War 3, all of these had an Epic storyline, a storyline worthy of Song. Gears of War Judgement was taken out of Canon for some reason, personally i think the storyline was great, and in my opinion the only thing that was wrong with Gears of War Judgement was the Stim Grenade used in PvP, because it seriously broke the game. I would like to see the return of the Stim Grenade for use in Horde, or/and the return of Overrun, Sophia too, my most play character in Gears of War Judgement.

As for the Snatcher not running off in Horde mode, i think the mechanic is still there, i am sure you have noticed it grab someone and run off. Given the chance, i am sure it would run off screen, which could explain why we see the Bosses sharking the map.
It is a simple case of, what is and what is not. Canon be damned, you can use that excuse all you want, right or wrong, i stand by my decision. Escape should not exist. It was just another attempt by The Coalition to make better of Gears than Epic did. I dislike Escape, others love it. My decision is my own, my reasons are explained.

And, for people thinking respawn makes no sense, i would love to see the game created in todays games where you get no respawns. I am pretty sure that game would not last long at all. And i am talking non RPG type games, before anyone starts. Gears and Halo without respawns, would be pretty dull games, or at least that is my personal opinion. Imagine doing Campaign, you die, and you got to start all over again…