Locust Characters I want added in Gow 4!

Honestly I’d like all of the characters from previous games to be added into the game but who knows if that’ll happen, but I’d like to see characters like the boomers added into the game, the rest of the savage locust and even General Karn and rager! Hopefully they add these guys and more to the game like spotter and the rest of the drones and maybe even lambent! I can only hope TC does this!

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I just need a Black Steel Golden Hunter.

Black & Gold = Classic Combo.



There’s little chance for every single characters added in Gears 4, game is like 1 and half years old + focus is on new Gears.

Also technically the boomers are in game. Their called scion, the skinny more intelligent version of them :stuck_out_tongue:

But if it’s one character I like to see in Gears 4, it’s Lambent drone and Grenadier

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Black Steel Lambent Grenadier - :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

I wanted the boomers because they added the scions lmao. I just think it would be awesome to see savage Boomer running around mantle kicking someone ha ha!

Hmm, if they added boomers in with the other scaled down characters (scions & kantus) then why not scaled up juvies and wretches? haha

God, a man-sized juvie running around would be so gross!

But being serious, I’d like to see more drone variants (helmeted drone, bolter, cyclops…) and savage locust (savage theron definitely!). Not sure about adding boomers into MP… despite how funny it’d be…

A Boomer? We miss them, but that’s just ridiculous.

Savage Theron or Black Steel Palace Guard get my vote.


Miner, golden miner, savage hunter, cyclops, savage theron guard

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I think the locust that could wield guns should be added, it makes sense. I just think it’d be really cool to play as savage Boomer or mauler elite! They look hella cool! But savage Theron for the win definitely!

Just give me all the Locust!! :joy:

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