Locust Boomer in PvP

Hello everyone

Is anyone else interested in the Locust Boomers (and their variants ) making a PvP debut? I know the Boomer is big and fat, but the current down-scaling of Locust/Swarm characters in Gears 5 is better than the previous games. In lore RAAM, Scions, Wardens and DR-1s are larger than Boomers. Therefore, I think Boomers could be scaled down for multiplayer. My main concern of Boomers in PvP would be animations, as I’m not sure is they could do a rodeo -run or smoothly roll, mantle, etc. However, I do want to see all the classic Locust return to Gears of War in some form. I’m interested if Boomers would be viable character for PvP.

Please share your thoughts and opinions.


They don’t have to be scaled down in Overrun.

If you’re not familiar, it was COG vs Locust PvP mode in Judgment.

I am referring to general PvP (e.g. KOTH, TDM,etc.)

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Yes, they deserve a spot in pvp. Them and the locust rager, I’d definitely play as them.

NO, I don’t want a skin of my dad ingame.

…but I’d totally love the Pvp boomer character with his famous „boom“ when wielding explosive weapons. This would be worth grinding.

I was thinking basically any character could be scaled down and added to versus after seeing what they did with the warden.

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The Warden might even be bigger than RAAM!

Yes please!
Tc this is the kind of ■■■■ that gets people spending money.