Locker upgrade for Mechanic have different price?

I just join a Master horde game on wave 2 as mechanic, since we are short on energy, I try to save as much as we can. After I build my first locker after wave 5 when I try to upgrade it it cost 6k+ so I build another lvl 1 locker. After I build like 6 lvl 1 locker someone told me lvl 4 locker reload faster, so I try to upgrade those lvl 1, wow now it shows cost 9k+? Then I check my other lvl 1 locker they have different price to upgrade? Among 8 of lvl 1, 2 of them cost 9k+, other cost 6k+, is this normal? And lvl 4 locker really load faster than lvl 1?

Yes lvl 4 lockers reload faster and you should always take one all the way up. Also if a locker has been damaged it will cost more to upgrade.

Also I’m assuming you have efficient fabrications card on?


exactly, so always fully repair before upgrading


So in theory the locker costs 5000 to buy or upgrade. The regular power drain modifier increases it by 50% to 7500.

Engineers have a Passive so their fortifications cost 10% less to buy or upgrade (4500 or 6750 respectively). However the Mechanic also has a skill to reduce the costs to buy (not upgrade) a fortification which is why a fresh locker is cheaper than upgrading one.

Regarding level 4 lockers reloading quicker, that is yet a rumour I have to confirm myself but I assume it is true (and always was the assumption for it to be true, otherwise the upgrade is pointless (besides more health)).


I tested this in a private lobby with @Ektope using the Boomshot. We put it in empty, both at the same time with one level 4 and one level 1 locker at the same time. The level 4 locker got the first round back reasonably quickly while the Boomshot on the level 1 locker was still red.


Out of all people here how do you not know that???

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I’ve just never tested it myself, that’s all. :slight_smile: I was always under the assumption that it’s true since the upgrade otherwise would be rather pointless. Still curious about how much faster it is. It was said the Boomshot and GL rounds both take 1min to reload fully in one of the old patch notes if I remember correctly. Guess it could be calculated with those numbers.

If you’ve seen my Escape excel sheet, you’ll know I tend to work with exact numbers rather than estimates. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well i guess you got some calculating to do…Get on it.

I’ve been telling this to all my friends since op1. I used to engineer a lot and noticed this right away. Even when I used to play with randoms I always buy one locker at a time and upgrade to lvl 4. I used to get messages to buy more lockers and leave them at lvl 1 or 2, so there’s a locker for each player. Had to explain why that’s not a good idea but you know randoms.

It’s 40 seconds, same the as the ammo regen perk. With non-actives.

Will there be a formula on the efficiency of locker level 1 to level 4.

Appreciate to someone who did it.

Thanks all for helpful info.

Both my engineer classes have the cards that make lockers reload faster as well. For the RE, it’s 45% currently but even tho the mechanic’s is around 30%, I will sometimes go with it because of the overal tankiness of fortifications when playing that class

Yeah I like the tackiness of mechanic, esp using for daily challenge, normally my lvl 1 barrier can last for 12 wave of incon (as not as no acid mod). I hate those non engineer try to upgrade my lvl 1. Waste of energy!

Can confirm.

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My barriers almost never die as i use the healing card for RE, and i get an extra player with ultimate

Tip 1: Always repair before upgrading.
Tip 2: Alway level a locker to level 4 before buying another locker.
Tip 3: If you see a mechanic don’t do one of those things on master, leave the game.

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I got your back, I’ll have a look now :smiley:

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Each level increases the regen rate!

Level 1: 150 seconds
Level 2: 120 seconds
Level 3: 90 seconds
Level 4: 60 seconds


That’s an example to fully reload the Boomshot or?

I am guessing everything but the freedom lancer’s liberation missiles.