Locked Banners?

I went into Kait’s customization page to look at banners and it looks like a lot of them are locked even though I made General in both TOD 1 and 2. For example:

Operation 1: Enlisted 1 Banner
Operation 2: Staff Sergeant 2 Banner

I count 8 total banners that are locked this way from TOD 1 and 2. Is this a bug? I tried logging out and logging in but it didn’t change.

It’s a bug. But I’m not sure who cares about this anyway,

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It’s useless though. A cosmetic that has no meaning in Versus, and only if you MVP’ed.

I would guess it was very low in “priority list” that it never got fixed.

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We need animated banners. Like instead of a flag there should be a vertical screen attached to the poles. Display messages on this pole. Charge iron.

Hey Microsoft if you’re hiring a monetization analyst, I’m your guy :joy:

Theyre already animated, they flap in the wind. Making the banner a rigid screen would be counter productive to the flappy. Maybe tc should just add more wind?

The screen can be flappy as well and it can display dynamic images at the same time :grinning: