Locked at 60fps

Anyone know why? I have 144hz my gpu and cpu is more than strong enough settings is minimum 90fps maximum unlimited vsync off is gears 5 just a ■■■■■■ port for pc like UE?

Your profile picture is disturbing c:

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how do you even get your vram usage that low? im on the lowest settings possible and it isnt that low.

Is the monitor set to 120/144hz?

Can you get 120 in other games and only Gears isn’t working, or do they all fail to hit above 60fps?

Yeah its set at 144hz and i literally get 120fps on every game except gears 5 its so weird

Hi not sure since I’m on series x but there is an option for 120fps only in vs. You just need to go in the game options. But for the campain we can only have 60fps… I tought maybe it’s the same thing for pc…