Lock Items to Owner

I don’t know about you guys. But, at least I have been getting so many people that keep moving my stuff around. I understand it’s the teams money or what ever that currency is called. But, if I place something there please leave it there. Developers should lock those items so it prevents others from moving it. If I leave the lobby then it’s ok. Who ever moves it owns it now. There are this new players that just got to the game and start moving fences and machineguns to places that don’t make any sense. I find that so annoying. I don’t know why but, I do. Please give us the ability to lock it if we want to.

Not saying to do that to the fabricator but it is annoying too when the entire team comes in and agrees to place it somewhere. Then a nOOb joins in half way to the end and starts to move that thing around. I have no idea how to fix that annoyance. But, something should be done about that too.


Agreed. It’s really irritating when people micro manage the engineer.

Locking to the builder (with engineer override for other class built items) unless the engineer leaves is a good solution.

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I agree, we’ve had a few matches ruined by trolls who move things without the need to. Or, we get the player who thinks they’re the leet strategic expert telling everyone they’re doing it wrong and moving them where they think it’s better. I agree to locking items to owner.

thank TC for the kick option now. work well. kicked four people out of my game just because of that. asked them nicely many times but still did it, so bye bye.

Can you do that in public matches ?

good question…not sure as i never play public matches. I don’t think you can as everybody will be kicked all over the place lol

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I agree, there would be kicking all over the place. It’s fine in customs but public needs a review by TC imo. It’s also not something we see daily, but in public horde it usually ends with a failed run because of a bad sport.

Yeah that’s why I don’t play public matches. It nearly always ends up in a ■■■■ fight and unorganised chaos…

Good shout… Until you get blocked in somewhere because Mr Tw@ won’t move his placements.

I disagree with this suggestion. It places too nuch control and responsibilities on the Engineer, and if the Engineer is incompetent or absent minded and forgets to do something like make a fortification moveable, the team suffers.

You’ll never fully get rid of the “idiot factor” sadly. I suggest using the lobby system or banding together with friends to play Horde. It’s so much better as a team experience. I’ve only really played the special events using public searches in GOW5 and I’d suggest others do the same.


It also would stop anyone from helping move items when starting a match or moving a base to a power tap. People don’t think things through.

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The Engineer builds… It is up to the Engineer to move the Fabricator, it is up to the Engineer where placement goes and it is up to the Engineer what gets Repaired.
Locking stuff down is a good idea, but so is leaving it available for all to move.
Since the introduction of the Taps, i find i need to move the Fabricator closer to the spawn of the Tap, it is a good idea to get help moving when it is time.
I was in a game last night, where i moved the Fab, and someone moved it back, and accused me of building Fortifications just to protect myself, when clearly i was getting closer to the Tap. That game was the worst i have played, i suspect Christmas Puppies.
The Fabricator, should be moved by the Engineer, and all Fortification built by the Engineer only, this gives the Engineer purpose, and a must in every game. Also, there is no need whatsoever for more than one Engineer.
My personal opinion, of course.

My experience of Horde, at least on harder difficulties is that Taps are not worth the effort. If you have a reliable JACK (and/or team mates who help gather weapins for JACK) you can more than make up the money by smelting weapons.

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I have never completed a game, even a wipe out with a Jack before. They leave.
Many a time i have built a base, defences and then the Forge, and BOOM, Jack has left. I find i need to reply on the Taps, more than i do on a Jack being in the game, also, no one dumps, or few do, and even then, most of the time i got to ask.
The Coalition, in my opinion have ruined Gears 5 Horde basing Jack and the Forge in to the game, Energy for self skills is a huge, ginormous mistake. Horde, if it carries on in Gears 6 like this will be forever ruined and can not be saved.


The irony is that JACK is such a key team member, but isn’t that fun to play. You just smelt weapons and revive team mates. I can see why it’s seen as a boring job.

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My Son love’s Jack, but he rarely gets on Gears. So i spend most of my time playing randoms, or trying to find a good game on Custom, and even that ends up as a game of randoms.
I do not like Jack, i could not even make a Chapter in the Campaign with him, i hate Del, so for me to choose Del over Jack, says something.

Players are also hogging power to restock ammo and buy grenades because of the lack of it on the map, another thing easily fixed with more ammo and grenade spawns on maps.

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Or Weapons Lockers. I always build at least 2, depending if they are used or not, i can have as many as 6 to 8 Weapons Lockers out (obviously less once i get Overclock)
For me, position the Fab in the right place, Barriers then Weapons Lockers is the priority, Forge and Sentries are secondary, and in that order (if jack is there).

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Locking stuff down is a terrible idea. The engineers job is to build stuff, but that doesn’t mean they have absolute ownership over the composition of the base in all respects. And I say that as someone who primarily plays as Del, and absolutely has been annoyed several times by people moving my stuff around.

It’s a “solution” to a problem that is only encountered occasionally in the first place, and introduces new problems of it’s own.

If players want to move lockers to positions that work better for where they are covering, for example, they shouldn’t effectively be at the mercy of whether the engineer wants to let them.

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Sometimes, yes. Sometimes I find Jack quite fun to play, because you get to be the team hero a lot. I think a good change they could make for Jack, would be a) make it so he can collect stuff automatically just by passing near it, and b) make it so he can collect like five things at a time. Make smelting less tedious janitorial work.

I disagree about Jack being an integral team member though. He definitely makes things pretty EZ-Mode, but you can also get along without him if necessary. You’d prefer to have him rather than not, of course.

If I don’t have a Jack on my team, I’ll just reposition our base after Wave 10 to try and grab the taps.