Lock Escape Difficulties to Levels

Can we please lock the difficulties of escape to rank? Too many times I’ve been matched up with people trying to do higher difficulty and being only level 5 and lower. Honestly, there should be a tutorial movie at the beginning of the mode because lots of players don’t understand the game. Theyre focused on killing everything and not at all on the timer. On top of this, the players who don’t understand end up taking the character that someone else has already leveled up. This game mode is fun, but the majority of randoms don’t get it and end up booting you because they felt left behind or just quitting because their character is taken. I feel like people would be better at Escape if they had an explanation of how to play and aren’t allowed to try a higher difficulty until they’ve shown that they understand.

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I agree with you that their needs to be a Level & Card Recommended for each difficulty for both Horde & Escape. Horde is a bit more lax if you are playing with a group that knows what they are doing.

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This was requested many times in Gears 4 and TC’s response was Bootcamp.

Maybe by Gears 9 (the way things are going it won’t be fixed by G6) we’ll have an actual tutorial that teaches players complex game mechanics other than move up, move down and take cover. Maybe by then we will no longer see a lv2 playing on high difficulties.

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That’s for the main mp. I meant escape specifically. I don’t think players understand the main objective.

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They should do the same for Horde as well.

That sounds good as well.

Do these people going into the higher difficulties with low level characters just expect people to carry them all the way and work twice as hard to finish. That’s not fun for everyone else. Then they probably wonder why the rest of the team quits before the game loads.

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No. I can do Inconceivable Escape just fine with a Level 1 character. It all depends on the player, how experienced they are. I have maxed out Emile, Kat and Sarah Connor from Level 1 while hosting Inconceivable.

If it’s for Public matchmaking, fine.

If you can do it solo then good for you. Hosting your own games is no problem. This is for matchmade games. Also, kinda wanna see video proof of you doing this legit.


I don’t do it solo. I always do with three players. I’d rather not spend time making video proofs since I’m playing. It’s basically grinding the Mines. You can use any character there, and I nearly always get outside, duck and weaving the Juvies, Sires and Imagos. I had a bug where no cards on character, but still made it outside.

You could just record your run. But, yeah hosting your own lobbies in this instance works because you’re not playing with randoms. Now when you say grinding, are you trying go for time or just playing the map i.e. killing everything, searching rooms, etc?

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Just playing the Map to get to end. Killing 1st Act. Running 2nd Act.

Yeah I must admit I don’t understand escape and I need to get round to watching a tutorial
On YouTube or something.

Have never beaten the 3rd difficulty but the 2nd seems too easy so don’t know what’s going on.

I know its for mp only and its basically useless. What I meant was the need for a comprehensive tutorial has been requested before and although TC came up with something, it most definitely didn’t solve the problem.

A good tutorial would be awesome but unlikely since a good enough fix and easy to implement would be simply a level cap requirement for higher difficulties.

True. I think maybe outlining the main objective would be best. Escaping is what you’re trying to do, but am I supposed to be clearing each room or just trying to get out as fast as possible?Do I need to complete the optional objectives for a better time or is it best to just get out? I think these questions are the ones confusing players.