Lock and load medal operation 4 question

Does anyone know what exactly you need to do for this? I’ve unloaded multiple clips of full active reloads into people and it still says I’m at 164 out of 500. Is there a certain gun I have to use?

It doesn’t seem to count once the active boost runs out. I did private horde solo with a Markza. Went really quick.

You could use Marcus.

Start a horde match on wave 20 or so (to get some energy), perk up, get couple retro’s and a locker and you should be good to go and keep his living legend going on.

The way I’ve come to understand it playing with my friends is that when fighting an enemy, the bullet that kills them has to be an active bullet. So he would get their health low, active reload and kill them. We tested this over and over and figured out that’s what it was.