Local Search is a MUST

Upon release. Local search for Matchmaking.

I want to play with people NEAR me on the same connection types as me

No more auto matching me w 80% high Ping foreign players

Otherwise no buy


100% with you on this.

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You’re asking for something that already exist.

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No it doesn’t.

It hasn’t existed.

Same server shared by 3 countries isn’t a LOCAL search.

Thats on Microsoft not Tc . Microsoft needs to give Mexico its own server

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I do believe that once the game is release it will have a lobby browser like gears 1 had years ago. Ryan Cleven tweeted it. here; https://twitter.com/nodezero/status/1138604910801575937

I do hope this is still a thing, this would then enable you to find local games and not be forced into high ping lobbies with terrible lag, and ruin your gaming experience.


I believe they said it would except for ranked matches

Yeah that doesnt solve the problem. I want to play ranked. I just want consistent matches.

I hope not, as to quote Ryan “The lobby browser is a feature of the our online lobby system. It will support all online modes.”

To me that would indicate ranked is included…as he said “all” online modes. I’m sure you can still use lobby browser as a squad and jump into a new fresh lobby and wait for a team? Who knows…

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I think it was stated at or around E3. That there would be online lobbies but not for ranked. Ill see if I can find it somewhere

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I embrace the Mexicans. I wouldn’t be finding games without them.


Facts. But I agree with the OP

This should be the joke of the year …

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Unfortunately I grew up in Canada, so they taught us French lol. But no one cares about French

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I like French Fries.

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I go back and forth between Canada and the US every 4 months right now

I’m in Vancouver

Ontario for me

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Orginal gears of war back on 360 had a search for both ranked and social bring it back

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Pings are out of control tonight.

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