Lobby search in Gears Of War 5

Dear early quitters in lobbies, please go **** yourself!! I am here to play Gears of war 5, not come in to your quitting B**** A**! separate the quitters from people that want to play the game. I am sick and tired of quitters quitting before the game even starts, or before the lobby starts. Please update this game TC and separate the quitting B***** from non B*****. No offence quitters, but I am here to play online, not sit here and wait for your b**** a** to waste my time quitting! Ok, go F*** yourself! STOP F****** QUITTING. Even better TC, replace those quitters with a player, or players that are looking for a lobby, and put them in the beginning of the match. These quitting lobbies will never end. Just replace those quitter spots with people that want to play. If they quit, fine, don’t replace their spots with bots, replace there spots with players, that don’t quit. These people make me upset.

Closing non-constructive rant.

PS - No one likes quitters anyway.

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