Lobby hosts, start then stop so people know your alive

Many hosts disappear or they dont leave the lobby after beating a match so it stills shows

When i host i start and stop whenever a new person joins and then when the 5th person joins i start but dont stop

I don’t know who came up with the mechanic of going back to the lobby after a completed match, but that person surely was afflicted with bad luck when thinking. Half the lobbies in the browser are just people who finished the match and left the game running while going off doing something else.


Maybe the next Gears can remove games from the lobby immediately after a successful run. Instead of assuming the host will just run another game, assume they won’t.

There just needs to be a green-light-red-light system added to the lobby for all players to activate to indicate when they are ready (including the host). The campaign lobby has this so each player can indicate when they’re ready, I don’t know why it wasn’t included in other modes.


Yes I’ve thought this too, also an auto-indicator of being in the class/card menu, adjusting class/cards, upgrading cards etc. so the other members can see you’re doing something currently.

Would also be great to see what cards others have equipped and what level they are.

Eh… this I’m not keen on. I think with some players/hosts being such control freaks, I can see some hosts using this to kick players whose cards are lower level; or if they use a different build to what is meta.


Yes, but only on the condition that I can start the game regardless of a player’s readiness. As an example, GTA 5 had the same in the heists update and while it was a good idea it was handled poorly as unless all players clicked ready then I was unable to start the heist and was sometimes forced to wait ridiculous amounts of time or be forced to cancel the heist because of a troll or a player who up decided to AFK on the heist board.

Agreed. I play what works for me and what I know works for the team, but someone else may disagree with my build and kick me for it. While there are times I really want to know what cards certain players are using, I really think it would have a more negative effect than it would positive.

Wouldn’t you just kick out any excessive AFKers from the lobby if you’ve been waiting far too long without reason?

I can and will, lol. Of course in the GTA 5 example I have to cancel the heist because of one player and start all over again. My only concern is being unable to begin the match because one or more players haven’t hit the ready button.

Just to add, I’d also like a function which allows players on the main lobby screen to indicate what class each player already in the lobby has selected. I realise that there may be time lags in this being updated if players are changing it right there and then, but it helps players to decide whether to join or not.

For example if the host is prescriptive about what classes they want and the lobby has 4/5 players already there, then other players browsing will know what class they may be expected to play on joining. If the engineer wants a Demolitions and no other players in the lobby has chosen Demolitions then it’s a no brainer that the rest of the lobby hopes that the 5th player will choose Demolitions.

Yellow could indicate “Away/AFK” - very helpful in showing if the host is alive or not.

The title says lobby hosts so i dont know how i would do that if i wasnt host

My response was to @WrinklyHornet34 regarding a “ready system” and if a player was “not ready” and holding the others up the host would just kick them.

If the host is idle, leave the lobby and find another one or host your own.

Thats the point of the post, we dont know if the host is idle

Hopefully we still have the kick option in Gears 6 if this green light stuff comes into play, but if not, then we are in a world of trolls.

It maybe the topic of the thread, but it’s still possible to respond to an individual’s response on the topic, and you can see such by the indicated “replying to” symbol and user in the top righthand corner of the post.

In this “ready system” @WrinklyHornet34 mentioned, you’d presume a host would indicate “ready” and if they don’t start the match when you’re ready, then they maybe waiting for the lobby to fill up completely or they may have been distracted briefly.

Various life occurrences come up, we don’t all have the luxury to be isolated in a locked bedroom when playing. Phone rings, door rings, cat is sick, things you have to jump to immediately and don’t have time to back out but will be back.

I’ve seen some players so impatient they leave after just 15-30 seconds. Long enough that it’s not that they don’t like the modifiers, but couldn’t wait a minute.

Saying that, there are equally (for some reason I have no idea), leave a lobby sat there for ages, I’ve gone into one, waited for a while, seen others come and go, a full lobby and not start, I’ve typed in the chat, still nothing, left and played in another lobby which then after doing a hive just dissolved naturally (daily hive titled ones usually) normally, and looking for the next lobby STILL find that one there. Maybe they were doing some sort of attempted idle boosting and it went wrong, who knows.

MCC uses an idle indicator and the host can’t start a match/search unless everyone isn’t idle, but the game senses idleness VERY quickly, so it is a bit of a chore to keep wiggling the thumbsticks.

Perhaps the game should prompt after a while to give an idle lobby warning and if the host doesn’t press a button it’s dissolved and they’re taken back to the list of custom lobbies (or home screen if it has to be).

Thought about indicators in the custom lobbies screens but these will be out of date since the last refresh, and players will avoid lobbies that are older for fear of being idle, so hosts will have to keep dissolving and starting new lobbies while waiting for other players, it can just make other problems.

You’d hope hosts wouldn’t leave lobbies unmanaged for any length of time, but unfortunately they do. It’s also annoying joining a lobby and they immediately start it or don’t cancel a countdown they’ve started, so the new player has a chance to change class/cards/skins, especially when seeing what classes the other lobby players are. This can lead to said new player quitting out in the pod/Wave 0, making you a player down. Which is one reason why I like the ready system idea and hope if someone joins it halts the countdown until the new player is ready.

Of course this could also be abused by someone keep rejoining the lobby, a disgruntled player from earlier, so now have to be able to ban players from lobbies, one thing after another and all requires work/coding.

Nope, not at all. If I join someone’s lobby, then I play by their rules. If they are not ready then I wait until they are.

I am very aware of this and do not have the luxury of sitting in my room all day. Life happens to everyone and I respect that fact. Although I do make time for gaming when I can, host my own lobbies and if people that join me have time and can play all the way through then cool and if they can’t then no worries.

Yes, it can be, but at least we have the ability to equip cards outside a lobby and be ready upon joining a lobby.

It already happens in Gears 5 but with the kick option at least I can keep getting rid of that player. Just about any system could, and will, be abused.

If there is going to be a green light option and players find it helpful then I’m all for it, but my point is when hosting my own lobbies I still want to be able to start regardless of a player’s readiness. If I join someone else, then I wait or host my own because in their lobby I am bound by their rules.

The problem is we have no idea what other classes other players in the lobby are playing as. I’d like a feature which tells you which classes are already selected before you a tally enter the lobby.


Aye, it can be a problem which is why I tend to have all my classes ready to go, but its honestly not much of a problem since I host the majority of my games. Having said that just cause it a small issue for me doesn’t mean it isn’t a huge issue for someone else.

I’d definitely be in favor of this, mainly because I really don’t like doubling up on classes, and sometimes it does happen when joining someone else’s lobby lol.

Just select your class and loadout BEFORE you join a lobby.
I always check which classes im willing to play and select a proper loadout for all of them that way in case of dupes I can just swap to one of the other classes ive specced out without wasting time in the lobby.
When you enter a lobby that isnt yours or a friends you should be ready to go the second youre in there imo