Lobby dissolved resulting in ban

Anyone else having issues with lobbies dissolving resulting in a ban even though no match ever started. Its happened to me 3 times now i just sat here for almost an hour trying to find a match only for the lobby to fall apart before the match starts and my two teammates don’t get a ban but i did every time. So frustrating, i tried with them joining my lobby and searching and me joining their lobby and searching and it happened to me only either way.
one of the people i’m playing with is my husband on the same connection sitting right next to me so i don’t get whats happening here

Have you tried using the search feature???

Its a known issue

yes the only posts i found searching “lobby dissolved” are from October…with no resolution so i wasn’t sure if people were still experiencing it

If you’re sitting there for an hour to find a game, you have way too much time on your hands.

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lol ok bro :woman_shrugging: