Lobby Dissolved for last few hours can't join a game


(SmokeyMr Flo) #41

theres tweets from coalition saying its been going on since the 15th…, so bad

(Doctor Nillo) #42

Same for me.
Try 20 minutes, created lobby and out. Later error 0x804…
Try 20 minutes more, 5 lobbys out 1 TDM game.

(ImDzombieLegend) #43

Yeah, I’ve been getting them.

Update, I just got into a game.

(HuNgRyDaMa84) #44

I worked all week n I play only the weekend. Surprise the game doesn’t work n I can’t play another time . Pls TC can we have more time 5xp.

(III EnVii III) #45

I still think it’s broken even now, hopefully it’s fixed soon.

(Brizza79) #46

Please help me with this stupid Ibiri error. Gears has been a disaster and ruined my weekend by not being able to matchmake

(III EnVii III) #47

It’s been down today anyway so might be worth waiting until servers are fixed :+1:

(Brizza79) #48

Thanks for responding. this happened last night too. IBIRI, now CROIX.
I’ll just wait until tomorrow then.

(III EnVii III) #49

Yeah, wait it out for a little longer and if not, hopefully TC can answer for you :+1:


20 min to find a match lobby dissolved every time and when I got in a match I was kicked out this happened 4vtimes in a row now smh…

(KelTicCoWboy) #51

ive been having this problem for the last month or so, very frustrating. penalty once not my fault for lobby dissolving constantly. I am in Hawaii and have 300 MBPS connection. currently had 10 matches created and some votes or load map…then lobby dissolved!! come on its my day off and i have hardly got to play GOW4 this week because of this…5 xp my ■■■. Also because of connection I have lost ranking, I cant quit out of this lobby dissolved b.s. without getting matchmaking penalties. FIX IT or lose another lifelong dedicated GOW fan who has been here since the beginning.

(III EnVii III) #52

300 Mb in Hawaii?



the same problem in ranked matches last nigth almost an hour waiting ang noaction

(DragonWulf 15) #54

ive been trying to play on and off since 5 am june 17th and i was able to play quickplay with almost no problem ish depends sometimes i would have issues but ranked was so messed up i got banned for 15 mins after loading in and it booting me that was after 2 hours of on and off lobby dissolving while playing 1 maybe 2 games

(RaiNy F a l Lx) #55

Same here …

(Mayhem64) #56

To concur with a lot of people, the amount of lobby dissolving does seem to have increased in the last week or two… are people quitting out early once they figure they are against a stacked team?

(firedrake090) #57

Kept getting my lobby dissolved right as the map loaded. Started searching for a match after 20 minutes went by I cancelled and the “penalties will incur” message showed up while it said searching for players, I tried searching for another match and got a 45 minute ban. Thanks, I’m glad The Coalition implemented early quit penalties that really work.

(Bazinga I Core) #58

20 Hour later and TC do nothing, we want Play and nothing works you Ruined a nice exklusiv game. We want a quality Game and not broken Game for our Money. I see Gears 5 is in good Hands ( irony Off).

(Duffman GB) #59

I did manage to get two games late last night at least, but before that had several hours of dissolved lobbies :frowning:
Almost as bad is the amount of times I play on the Locust side. I did manage 10 games of Hill over the last couple of days (before the issues)and played as a COG once!

(usrhlp) #60

You meant sarcasm, not irony.