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Lobby Dissolved for last few hours can't join a game


(Rum Geoff) #21

I’d be happy with a few extra days to be honest. On the plus side I was able to get AC Syndicate finished up.

(LorrdexPL) #22

#FeelsBadMan :grinning:

(III EnVii III) #23

Well, at least you have something else to play :laughing:

(Rum Geoff) #24

Just tried to get into a match and I got to the validating match screen before I got “lobby disolved” message, farthest I’ve gotten all day… :grin:

(III EnVii III) #25


(sancris777) #26

I got in a few matches last night but i was getting the IBIRI and BIGLOWE error code after searching for a match for 5 minutes

(EVIL 0NE) #27

Hey everyone…
TC is aware of this issue and is working hard to fix it. I understand your frustration with this, and hope it does get resolved soon.

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Thank you.

Libby’s keep dissolving
(Amaaan asif88) #28

Yes I’m also getting this problem

(Lord Kable) #29

Same issue here with KOTH still :frowning:

(Amaaan asif88) #30

Same here

(Noble Guardian) #31

Same issue here, it is happening a lot recently…

(Circa Darkrage) #32

We found a match on Relic that took an age to load up, and then we all got to the scoreboard, then swoosh we are gone.

No KotH game for you my dear sir.

I’m trying to cheer myself up by saying stuff in a stupid accent and then recording it down here lol.

(TwitchMcCool) #33

Well my only hope is that I’m not going to be getting strikes against me for early quitting over the Gears server issues. I just got a second 15 minute suspension for the day because the lobby I was in crashed before launch. I can deal with server issues, I suppose, but this better not count against me for bans. I NEVER quit ranked matches. I’ve stayed 1v5 2v5 3v5 many times just to avoid it. Any word from TC about these suspensions counting against our rep? I’d really like to know.

(vVv INinja) #34

yh the lobbies have been awful today, takes forever to join a game and lobby keeps getting dissolved when it is just about to start i dont know what is going on but annoying we cant make the most of this xp event

(BLAKE IV) #35

I am having the same issues. Gears Servers please fix them. We wanna play the game.

(Savage SYLO) #36

I hate the servers for this game. Great game with good graphics. But until you have consistently good servers, the game will always be trash.

(vVv INinja) #37

im searching for one now and the lobby has already been dissolved 5 times, matchmaking has restarted 7 times, it just seems impossible to get into a game right now

(SmokeyMr Flo) #38

i think the issue this time with the servers bing down is that Coalition have given 5XP which is awesome to some respects but then because of that, more people then normal are losing on and playing at the same time, lobbies constantly dissolving and halfway through "creating squad " getting your hopes up and then cancelling, and then when wanting to leave the lobby, getting the message, if you leave now this will resolve in gaming penalties, they need to sort it as its stopping playing from playing.

plus, are people still playing blitz or not bothering now?, tired to get onto a few games for the past few days, and can’t find a game but normal social of KOTH - TDM runs???

(ImDzombieLegend) #39

This has been happening from yesterday afternoon for me. I still can’t get into a single game.

I hope the 5x XP gets extended for us.

(KOSTAS) #40

same thing happens to me all the day today and got suspended for 15 mins after the error. we have one sunday to play…