Lobby Dissolved for last few hours can't join a game

Trying to find a game on EU servers now for about 50 minutes, when I find one Lobby is Getting dissolved all the time, very sad and frustrating :frowning:


It’s working again for me, just got into a match

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Just got dissolved again as you wrote that comment

Mine did I spoke to soon :joy:

Let’s see if this works :open_mouth:

Just got kicked out also with an Error, And now cannot connect to services :frowning:


Im having this issue. Just got kicked after finding a match. Got Ibiri error, but then could search again. The person I was searching with is stuck on the dissolving lobby that wont dissolve.


Well lobby created, map vote also taken place, but when loading the map it disconnects again :frowning:


I’m in a vicious loop of finding a match and the lobby dissolving. It’s been like this for about 15 minutes and I can’t escape without a ban.

I’m trapped. This is purgatory.

Send help.


Ok had enough with it going to play Overwatch :smiley:

Just got suspended after this message

I was able to complete 1 match before this on Rustlung, then I almost made it into another match, all 10 people loaded in to the map, then before the final countdown started, it booted me to the main menu, no option to rejoin and a 15 min ban.

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Same here trying to play Horde. Won’t connect to Gears Services. Must be something wrong with the servers. Ever notice this crap always happens when there is a XP multiplier on?!

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One match connected out of 6 attempts (uk) KOTH something is obviously wrong :frowning:
I had to quit out eventually, even though it said I will get a penalty, which in itself is pretty stupid.
I played Titanfall 2 instead, which is great but not Gears.

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cant connect to the servers

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It doesn’t always ban you pre game lobby.

During the searching screen it warns you but I find it won’t ban you.

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Same here. I can not find a single match since today.

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I managed to play one only :+1:

Yep, it’s a mess right now.

It’s a shambles.

I hope the 5xp gets extended because of these issues. I haven’t been able to play much this week because of work so it’s frustrating for this to happen on my only day off…


Yeah, they should extend it for a month and give everyone and Elite pack.

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