Lobby browser in escape - "the clock CXP" only

this is what the escape lobby looks like now everyday…

Looks like the Horde lobby browser except there 90% of maps are the daily Horde while most of the remaining 10% is Overloads and other grind runs or someone looking to do an achievement, at least for Frenzy.

It might look more varied once the XP bonus goes away but wouldn’t count on it. Too many people busy cheesing their way to character level 20 not learning how to play the classes properly nor leveling their skills. Not that I did it that way, but looking at all those lobbies tells me enough… at least, for people who didn’t have classes at levels 18-20 prior to this going up.

I mostly have an issue with this when I don’t feel bothered to host(which is most of the time) and find the map variety to be extremely lacking while not bothered to play with randoms who’ll kick me for not understanding Blademaster in Escape needs venom to do best while they rush ahead leaving me nearly useless if I’m not going to play ranged fighter with the class I set up for melee combat.

Boring bastads with the xp runs, literally no fun at all

Probably was one the reason TC stop making new escape maps, there is 32 different hive, and people only play the clock or surge, I can understand that the guys prefer put ressources somewhere else

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I demand a patch immediately.

lol I joke. Had a player drop out the second they realized I was doing a full run of clock. If this is what you wanna do with your time then thats fine but my gods its terribly boring lol.


I guess you can say… it’s TIME for some farming.

I will see myself out now.

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In many ways it’s very ironic because TC have no-one to blame but themselves for this. If you make your game super grindy, then players will be very grindy. It’s sad that people don’t seem to be playing for fun anymore.


I don’t see the problem OP.

Is your custom lobby broken?


Once again, it’s TC’s fault for not understanding its userbase. You wanna make grindy achievements and a grindy leveling system, then people are going to find ways to make it faster. Instead of patching them, they should put 2 and 2 together and just stop with the grinds already.


That method was figured out on this very forum. It started off as suspicion of there being a cap, followed by 20-30 mins being the best optimal time, before CXP would reduce. It’s interesting how quickly it spread onto Custom Escape lobbies and goes to show how many people read the forums then tell friends and followers on other platforms, something I wasn’t expecting.


I tried this once. Yeah, it’s a lot of CXP, but not fond of the results, not getting any cards to go with the XP. It isn’t optimal, if you actually care to use that class anyway. On the other hand, if only looking to earn heroic skins then I guess this is fine. Don’t care for those myself. Don’t plan on doing anything out of the ordinary to try to earn them either.


This is what happens when you put clear gameplay benefits (and I guess desirable cosmetics for some) behind a brutal time gated grind.

It’s absolutely insane how much time you have to waste to get a class to a high level without boosts and then pray to RNG for card drops so you can actually upgrade your skills. I’m over at a thousand hours played in a style just slightly more invested than casually and none of my classes are maxed, in either skill cards or levels. I hate this system. I really do. But I tolerate it because at least I enjoy the core experience in PvE modes. But I wish things were better. It sucks always having that nagging feeling in the back of your head saying you are not at maximum efficiency.


OMG, guess I’m the one to mostly blame for this, since I’m the one who suggested it in the earlier CXP thread. I merely refined Neon Velocity’s method, but it apparently stuck around. Seriously though, it’s mind-numbing as heck.


I only used to finish my promo classes from 17-18 to 20 and I was ready to ■■■■■■■ shoot myself once I was done. In hindsight I don’t even know why I even bothered. The weapon skins are so ■■■■■■■ ugly.


Exactly why I did Surge runs. Gotta grab them cards! :joy:

Took me the entirety of the 4x XP event, but I got all classes to 20 and a ton of cards. I now have 5 classes complete.

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Maybe TC should make playing the game for fun give you more XP, CXP and cards than not playing the game properly?

An overhaul of their achievement and levelling system that means they are fun and accessible might do this.

At the very least those people who are grinding for stuff won’t be around for as long.


Absolutely, I don’t get the reasoning behind PVE grinding at all. The game would be far better without it, would have more people playing, but instead they offer a wall to casual players. I was hoping OP5 for me would be mastering escape, but I’ve spent almost 7 weeks leveling cards playing horde.

If they removed the huge amounts of grinding people did the population in other game modes might be higher. They might actually use the saved time to play versus. If they removed card leveling and gave them all a standard number I can’t see how the game would be anything but better.

18-20 has done nothing apart from remove the shine from a great OP5 release. It wasn’t needed anmd you just have lobby after lobby of people joining games to work on a set grind. No care for team composition or usefulness. It’s ruined horde for me this Operation.

I got all my classes to 20 besides the promos. Not a fan of any of them. I didn’t use the Clock exploit at all. Just played normal Horde and daily Escapes. Most of my cards for each class are 6 as well.

that’s the reason why there are so many bad players with high level


This is the other side of the free xp multipliers must apply to multiplayer only and the requirements for the skins must increase and TC must be strict on the ways to get them you want them well let’s say 100 horde matches or 100 hives (excluding the easiest maps for both modes) why I say that cause it’s a shame that people with more matches at both modes only plays the easiest maps