Loading profile, lobby list refresh lags, countdown issues …

Since some times (long time actually) I faced numerous lags during games preparation :
Lobbies listing refresh and sort (horde and escape)
Entering a lobby
Personalization (class and skins)
Ghost countdown before game

It made entering the game a pain. But I thought it was « standard » and as my network was not the root cause I let it like that until this we.
I decided to uninstall the game from my XBoxOne S and reinstall it again.

And miracle : no more lag, refreshing is almost instantaneous and personalization inside a public lobby is fine again. No more ghost countdown.

Installing the complete game with DLC took me nearly 12h but it was worthy.


I might give this a try.

Been having the types of issues you dscribe for a while too. On and off. Last night, fine! A couple of nights ago, lag on everything, outside of actually playing in a match.

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I hope it will work for you. Note that in my case, the lags happened consistantly outside of any ping values or network low rate. And in-game there was no problem.

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Same. I just get slow loading tour, menu, returning to menu from activity, lobby, lobby refresh, countdown etc. Not every time either, nor every day.

Playing is fine. Just takes a while to actually get playing sometimes.