Load out starting weapons, lack of choice

Morning Gearheads.
Do we know why we have no choice of starting weapons in G5 ?

How have we gone from the choices of 3 rifles and 2 shotguns in Gears 3 (2011) to NO choice in Gears 5 (2019)

I do not see any negative to giving us the option of Lancer,Retro and Hammy. and for Shotgun, Gnasher or Overkill.

I know the chances of anyone from TC answering is almost zero, but wondered if any one of my fellow Gears knows ?

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The overkill I believe is a power weapon and it has better range. I can’t picture many people using gnasher if they can choose to start with overkill with how campy the game is.

I don’t see why we can’t choose between the lancer, retro and HB though. In fact the whole idea of a load out screen seems pointless when all you can change is the grenade. TC probably doesn’t want a rifle load out because everyone would pick the lancer. People would complain all they see are lancers and ask TC to buff the retro and HB. Which is more work for them and they probably don’t want that.

The boltok I understand why we can’t start with that but what about the talon? It’s a fully auto pistol sure but doesn’t it lack the ability to take heads off? At least I think that’s the way the pistols worked in older games. Gorgon was full auto while the boltok and snub could headshot something.

I too miss the older days when we could choose between 3 rifles, 2 shotguns, and various grenades.