Load of times …………………

Bit of a random 1 , does anyone know why there is such long load times ? More so when a game finishes, ive never known any game that takes longer to load OUT than IN

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Loading times are the only thing that don’t take ages in this game. Connecting to the servers or creating a lobby takes an eternity though.

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Oh, you meant queue-times. Nevermind then.


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No, that was just an example of what u said , more the loading out

This game is one of the games on Xbox that has load times that are just too long, especially on last gen consoles (or PC) when using a standard platter drive. The loading out takes so long because it has to load in those assets you see in the menus. I wouldn’t be surprised if it loads an entire level just to show a piece of it in the background…
If you are indeed talking about queue times…beats me. It’s FUBAR.



just installed a SSD in the PC I’ve been using for 3 years. it’s night and day. I actually had multiple instances where I would time-out due the the HDD I was using. (and the issue where loading out of a game would take 2-3 min)

The SSD on the Series X is really fast too. I am almost always the first person to connect to a lobby, it will just be my name and 4 empty spaces. SSD’s are a game changer.

You can always tell the level of hardware your teammates have on Escape depending on how long it takes to load in.

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I have an SSD aswell and I feel it’s pretty slow. Can’t imagine how it must feel to console players lol.