LMAO...I can't believe this

Well,…I finally gave Gears 5 another try after not playing for 3 weeks, hoping they fixed the game. Multiplayer is in complete shambles still. This game is NOT Gears!!! It plays so bad. Movement is horrible, shooting is way off, the game still feels unbalanced.

I dont know what to say. TC has killed the Gears franchise and it’s sad.


It’s just geared towards MLG, so ya it’s a lancer cooldown delay cancer fest.

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3 weeks? Sorry mate, maybe check back in a year. Could be playable by then


It’s dead for me as well. If gears UE picked up on players I’d go back to that.

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It’s good if you’re a noob that likes to walk in straight lines while holding lt to aim in and move slowly.

Yup, I sure do miss those maps, mechanics, skins, and weapon tuning.

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just everybody calm down. Take a deep breath.
There is a solution for all the gears 5 problems.

Doom eternal

That’s not even 3rd person