Lizzie's Silverback is completely bugged out?

Is anyone else having this issue? I’ve played twice now as Lizzie in the special Horde event thing, and my Silverback has no guns! I’m using the Trishot and the Mulcher card, but all I can do is stomp around. Makes her Ultimate completely useless except as a quick “getaway” tool… please fix soon…

My Silverback weapons are working fine. Make sure the game isn’t messing up and loading your Lizzie in with no skill cards. Other people said it’s been happening in the last few hours and it’s an issue I’ve encountered in the past as well. Best way to ensure this doesn’t repeat is to unequip and put your skills back on. And hope the servers actually load you in with them the next time.

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Ok, thank you for the info. I’ll try unequipping and requipping them and report back.

It’s not the silverback that’s bugged, it’s a another bug. There’s a bug that when you join a horde match your skill cards just disappear/unequip, it’s very random. Hence why you lose your weapons, it’s all skill cards.