Lizzies fate Confirmed *Bloodlines Spoilers* (Take Two)

Yea but as you said that was their Uncle, still doesn’t say much about that 4th brother… only reason I know there’s 4 is cause of a line in 2 with Benji saying he had 3 older brothers, obviously Anthony and Clayton are 2 of them.

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I thought you were just talking about their character traits, of course they have nothing in common because Lizzie was turned into ash before they could have interacted.

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For the most part I do like this theory the only thing I cant see with it is that I feel Clay would have started teaching Gary at a young age how to take care of himself enough that Oscar wouldnt have been the one to “teach him everything he knows”

True true. She got charred.

You know the COG General who orchestrated the Hammer Strikes with Prescott became depressed after he saw the casualty rate? Then Prescott retired him and shipped him to Azura, where he shot himself.

If only JD pulled that off.

Being “Still a little bit drunk,” I think it was probably more of a broad boast on Oscar’s part and not the gospel truth. Maybe he taught him more than the average skills Clay would’ve taught him before he left the COG.


He didn’t have to, pending on your choice or what’s cannon, Reyna did it for him lol… eventhough most us believe that one isn’t cannon, poor Del.

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Del got DELeted…


You’re thinking of General Bardry Salaman, and he didn’t shoot himself at Azura. Prescott faked his suicide after the Hammer strikes, then shipped him off to Azura. He presumably died when the Locust invaded the island right before Gears 3.

Man I loved her so much and now she’s gone.

I can’t fix bad storytelling. Or wasting promising characters for an old “running joke” that has outstayed its welcome for me(since there’s clearly others who still seem to think it is funny for whatever reason). Whatever. TC could learn a thing or two from just throwing Lizzie out straight away. I suspected they’d be too stupid to actually let her live and use her character properly. This might sound a little harsh but it is the only way to describe their “use” of her… and JDs actions(which is remaining very much on the polite side).

But I suspect they won’t because clearly they like randomly killing off characters who haven’t gotten much development yet or could still have some, or a lot(cough JD/Del cough).

And people seem to have ignored that the cutscene at a point making no sense is what I’ve been pointing out. The Hammer beam spent a fair bit of time going all the way around to the back of the convoy after being shown to be moving towards Lizzie’s Minotaur from the side, which would have given her enough time to at least try making a run for it, yet only a second after it destroys the previous truck it’s magically back to the side of Lizzie’s? And honestly, I have real doubts JD couldn’t have pulled that door out if Lizzie had helped by kicking it from the inside instead of panicking and sitting there like she was helpless.

Lizzy wasnt just killed because shes a Carmine, she was killed to progress JDs story. It would have been nice to have more of her but I get it. Killing some random COG or Fahz wouldnt have been the same

Also The truck was pinned on 1 side with the door being jammed on the other with the hammer making random drop downs its not like it was just going in a straight line


Of course not, but the impression I got from TC through dev stream statements(and their oh so precious Twitter statements) is that the Carmines are no more than throwaway jokes to them. Why do they even bother making a character then? That’s mostly what I got an issue with. Not that they wanted some sort of thing to use for developing JDs character. Hell, they could even have used Del there, although I have not imagined what he’d have done to die there(might’ve been better than the pointless killing off against “Reyna”, if he say, sacrificed himself to knock JD out of the Hammer beam path or get Lizzie out) instead of Lizzie.

And the Hammer beam was maybe unpredictable in where it would land after it temporarily stopped firing but there was at least a few seconds of where you could relatively predict where it goes while visible. Lizzie could’ve tried to make a run for it as the Hammer beam was circling around the back of her truck. And this unpredictability doesn’t explain how the beam teleports to exactly the same position as when it is shown approaching Lizzie’s Minotaur for the first time within a second even though it would take at least several for the Hammer satellite to fire at a different spot again, or move the beam elsewhere.

Besides… JD surviving with just a badly burnt arm and scarred face? How am I supposed to believe that as any sort of likelihood when he was with his face right up to the Hammer beam? AND exposed to the exploding Minotaur?


The hammer was dropping in random places after Baird lost the connection

JD didnt just survive with a badly burnt arm and scar he was also in a coma

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But he apparently wasn’t in coma for long, or he wouldn’t have been running missions with Fahz for “months” according to Del or Kait. I just find it dubious he gets away with only minor injuries, relative to what he was exposed to, but Lizzie just gets killed with nothing left of the body.

I wouldnt think being in a coma for however long is minor. Having a lasting injury that still is very painful months after the incident that requires a special sleeve to relieve the pain minor

Usually theres not a lot of body left in a car explosion also who said there was nothing left of the body?

That is just an assumption. The Hammer strikes ordered by Prescott only left ash figures of the people incinerated by them, so I figured if one was hitting a truck, it wouldn’t leave a body unless it literally stopped as soon as it touched the side Lizzie was not sitting in(or just didn’t get into contact with the Minotaur at all and just blew it up), which would at least make it slightly more plausible that JD didn’t just get killed outright or suffer even worse injuries than what he got.

And what I’m trying to say is, given that the Hammer beam previously almost completely vaporized Swarmaks and disintegrated Drones without even touching them, having a severely burnt arm, scarred face and temporary coma is the least worst thing that could have happened to JD, AND extremely unlikely as well that that is just what happened to him.

I think your looking too much into it

Its a sci fi game that takes place on a planet where theres a 70 year old guy whos very active in the military.

JD could have walked away without a scratch if TC wanted him to

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Yeah, that’s kind of my MO. To look into things too much in video games. I can’t help it.

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It’s still wasted potential. I stand by the belief Lizzie should have survived and Clayton should have been offed this game. Not only does Clay survive but once you meet him again he says nothing about Lizzies death. Just doesn’t make sense.

It was months by the time you see him and the swarm were attacking so I wouldnt expect him to really say anything.

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Just goes more to show that the Campaign should’ve had another act between 1 and 2 instead of immediately skipping four months.