Lizzies fate Confirmed *Bloodlines Spoilers* (Take Two)

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Was there ever any doubt that she escape the beam to begin with?


@AmicableWall421 cough cough

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The beam literally entered the car. Based on how quickly it liquified the Swarmaks, I would be very very surprised to hear she made it out. Especially being a Carmine. Maybe if she was Clayton’s daughter, but nope–not that Epic.

Also find it weird that Lizzie is the only Carmine to go by her nickname, and not the full Elizabeth, even in the menus. They call Clayton “Clay” but it’s still officially Clayton. I miss when the Carmines had these real elegant renaissance names.


I mean I could have bought either way really, cause it entering could have propelled her out (not showing it in the cutscene for gameplay effect/truly thinking shes dead)

Were Lizzie and Gary siblings!? :thinking:

It sucks that Kait and her didn’t have any lines.

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I don’t believe so. There’s a lot of evidence that points Gary to be Clay’s son, whereas Lizzie was his Niece. Most likely cousins.

I guess, I don’t think their characters have anything in common besides gender.

And they both enlisted with the COG… granted Lizzie was a proud family heritage thing… while Kait’s family would be pissed to find that out… especially her Grandma XD

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Yes. Their similarities are that of Marcus and Kim.

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Responding to sarcasm with more sarcasm, always fun :stuck_out_tongue:

I could have sworn I read somewhere that Clay didnt have kids but Im probably wrong lol and who know TC seems to let us know about our heros kids through random articles

I also think that if Gary was Clays son that 1) he wouldnt have ended up in an outsider camp
2) Clay would have taught him how to fight not Oscar


Gary was disgusted with Clay’s bacon obsession and couldnt handle staying in any settlements anymore


Who knows one or both of them could be from the 4th brother we know nothing about, well least from the games I can’t speak for any of the comics I haven’t read.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

One of my favorite lines from Jacintos Remnant
Clay would often stand and stare at the pigs, and murmur “bacon” at them.


Ive read the books and comics…theres no information about the 4th brother

Well he’s covered in Clay’s iconography so my thought is this;

Clay was bringing up Lizzie and Gary, maybe Lizzie’s parents disappeared or they spent a lot of time as an extended family together. Knowing nothing but Brothers all his life, Clay found himself drawn to helping Lizzie who he thought might be more vulnerable than his own son. And after feeling left out, Gary ran away from Clay and the COG and ended up at the Outsider settlement, where he still respects his dad enough to use his name and symbols, but never stuck around long enough to have professional COG training. And this is why Gary was such a weak fighter while Lizzie resembled her uncle much more in combat.

Now this is just a theory backed by zero evidence but I think would fit. Because I don’t think Gary is Lizzie’s brother–and him being covered in a tattoo of Clay and “Grub Killer” wouldn’t fit otherwise.

The only other Carmine that’s appeared is William Carmine, Clay and the brother’s Uncle. He was Raam’s first human kill if I remember right.


They’re both young women in the cog, they’re both close to JD and Del, they’re both have pride in their respective origins, Lizzie with the Cog and Kait with the outsiders. Both are brash and cocky at times.

Lizzie moreso than Kait, but Kait balances that out with her selflessness.

They’re alike more than just being women.

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Ah then ya… obviously Lizzie is definitely from him, cause she’s Clayton’s neice and mathematically wise I think Benji and Anthony died too long ago for either of them to make sense, but who knows, I believe Lizzie belongs to that 4th though, while Gary is in the air.


Well yes I guess but that’s both respectively. Subjectively they have nothing in common. Kait’s an outsider, literally and figuratively. Lizzie is a COG and seems to get along well with everyone.

Kait is more dramatic and condensed whereas Lizzie is much more showboaty.