Lizzie-The Bad A**(ADV HORDE CARDS/TACTICS) by Hu1k Daddy

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This is my eighth character breakdown for Horde. If you haven’t checked out my other guides, please feel free to do so. Just type in Hu1k in the search and my guides should pop up.

-Lizzi-The Bad ■■■. Talk about a great character added to the game. She is is fun to play can really add a unique play-style to your game. She has some of the best voice lines in the game (Arguably the best Laugh) and being able to ride the Silverback is so much fun. Lizzie also works great with any quick firing weapon due to one of her skill cards and is also a must for a GL.

So, lets frag tag a Snatcher in the face and take a look on how to use her.

General Playstyle and Early Levels

Lizzie is a Tank sub-class but is the only Tank to have the Support Passive (Enemies you mark reduces your cooldown) instead of the normal Tank Passive of your cooldown being reduced by the damage you take. So, just know that even though you have a Silverback, don’t go YOLOing out all the time, unless its in dire need.

She is more of an Offensive Support/Explosive expert type role. She can fill many different needs and can help her team in ltterly slowing down the Swarm. She also has some great personal skill upgrades that make using her even more fun.

Here are her Personal Skill Upgrade Options while in game:

Top-Health Level Increase
Down-Speed Level Increase
Left-Health Regin Increase
Right-Cooldown Timer Increase

All four of these choices are good with Cooldown, Health and Speed being your 1,2,3 in order of importance. Since Lizzie can summon a Powerful Silverback to battle having the option to get it back quickly always helps.

When you first start playing as Lizzie and are super pumped to summon your Silverback for the first time. You may notice that you can do anything other than Stomp (Pressing the B button on the controller). Well that is because Lizzie starts out as extremely weak on her lower Character levels and the Silverback can only shoot what ever Skill Card you have Equipped (More on than in a moment).

Now Lets take a look at some early card selections/skills you can apply:

Quick Ice Cannon,Rear Armor,Explosive Munitions, Deep Pockets

This is what you would be looking at around Rank 5. The only early weapon you can apply to your sweet Silverback would be the Ice Cannon at rank 2. This is not a bad early on weapon for your SB but it is a means to an end, as Lizzie has much better options later on. Rear Armor is kinda Pointless unless you plan on walking backwards to the Swarm on turning around at the last second to Ice them. (Hmm not a bad Idea) Explosive Munitions is really a toss Card in my option. As this will limit you to being a Statue that cant move and not really that great. Deep pockets can be helpful if you are a big John Wick fan, but its better used for Escape.

Mid Level Playstyle

All right. I can see you where “Born to Ride”. You will be happy that you have made it this far.

Lizzie at the Mid Level can be super fun but her later level cards are where she truly excels. So lets go over this real quick before getting to the good stuff.

Lets take a good look at what Cards/Skills you can setup with at Level 9:

Exploding Buzzkill, Aggressive Armor, Healing Munitions, Explosive Munitions, Quick Ice Cannon

With this setup. Lizzie becomes pretty fun. I would personally recommend Equipping the Explosive Buzzkill first before the Ice cannon in your Skill Card Selection as this would equip it to your Right Hand and Not your left. Reason being is due to the reloads needed for the Buzzkill and not for the Ice Cannon. Aggressive Armor is not a bad card to use at this point and when leveled even more can actually help you stay alive up to Insane Difficulty. Healing Munitions works well with Explosive Munitions but you may want to rely on your Stim armor to get close before summoning the SB. And sine you only have one other weapon choice to choose from, the Ice cannon is here by default.

High Level Playstyle

"Look out there is a Bad ■■■ over here** Oh yea!! you made it. Lizzie gets to be kinda OP at this point, especially when you get some of these cards Leveled. So lets dive right into it.

This is what you would be looking at for level 16.

Silverback Salvo, Healing Tri-Shot, Healing Explosives, Cold Finish, Aggressive Armor

Cold finish, Cold finish, Cold finish!!! If you are not using this card, then you must stop right now and get this equipped. This Card is a pure game changer. This card helps your team, Ignores DBNO, and is a Mini Boss destroyer. Sure it helps on Bosses too, but for the Mini’s, they be done. Silver Back Salvo is really good once you get it to at least level 2. As on the early levels you still kinda break even on time. Healing Tri-Shot is awesome as it will continue to heal the SB while also doing damage. Healing Explosives just works too good with Aggressive Armor. This is why having this load out with a JD giving you a GL is a good choice. The quick fire on the GL will keep your armor up for the most part. And if you start to get low on health and Grenade Launch them in the face and ta-da. Instantly healed.

This is my personal favorite setup for Lizzie and she actually has some other options you can try but are more for fun than efficiency. Cold Finish is one of the best cards in the game-hands down. So I would equip this bad boy as soon as you can.

Normally I would go over some additional info but the community has been so generous in adding information in the comments, ill just let them dive in.

OK, that about sums up everything. I hope this can help you out and of course these sets are designed for players playing in random Custom matches. If you find a better set, let it be known below.

If any questions, post them here. Good Luck Gears!


Just to emphasise the obvious and what has already been stated - but Lizzie’s Aggressive Armor card is the most straightforward and easy to use stim-giving card of all characters. Any damage done when at full health provides stim - gunfire, melee, grenades - anything. You can plant a grenade across the map and when it goes off and damages an enemy it will give you stim. I strongly recommend carrying grenades in Horde so if you don’t have stim at the end of a wave, plant a grenade somewhere during the intermission.

Also for Escape players (I know this guide is Horde focused) but always use Sisters To the End. It reduces your Silverback cool down super fast all the time because in Escape you always only have 2 other team mates.

And another little point for Escape players regarding Aggressive Armor - you can acquire stim using friendly fire. Obviously it’s good etiquette to ask/tell your team mate before shooting them! But point being they will regenerate health anyway so don’t be afraid! Sometimes this little bit of extra protection can make all the difference.


Thanks bro.

As always :+1:

Great post.

@GhostofDelta2 showed me how good Cold Finish is


Thanks man.

I’m very late getting this out but hopefully it can still be helpful.


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Agree. Run sisters to the end in horde. Pretty much can pop the SB every wave if needed.

I personally prefer the bleeding mulcher to the trishot. I like the ability to spray a crowd and let the bleed help. I find it hard to aim sometimes when riding the SB.

Anyone found a way to unfreeze the SB other than wait? For instance Kait can hit her ultimate. I find the SB to be very prone to ice even at a reasonable distance.


Toss Incendiary Grenade? :thinking:


Add a splash of lime for some amazing Lizzie BBQ

I always use the sisters till the end card in horde. When maxed out you can get the silverback twice in one wave. Also always use the bleeding mulcher as it makes a meal of the Gurdians/Sentinels


Great guide as always, using the Trishot is also a good way to keep aggressive armour up and for freezing enemies.

Explosive heals sounds interesting, I need to try it out. I was using rear armour this combined with her aggressive armour, speed and health perks on at least level 7 doesn’t get her whacked too easily when running around reviving teammates on insane and above, Now the question is how am I going to convince JD players to give me some GLs…


I see you recommend GLs, but I pose the Claw as counterpart. Of course, it fires slower and may not provide protection against every enemy but it gets the job done more than well enough while also packing a decent punch.

I also would not underestimate the Talon when it is in the right hands, however it will be harder to get ammo for it and you’d have to be dangerously close to an enemy for it to work properly.

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Hey dude,

I tired the talon as well but for the build I like to roll the GL just gives you so much for that combo.

I know she has a few good combo’s but this is just my fav. :+1:

I’m more of a Claw person, at least in Horde and Escape, not that I dislike the GL. It’s also easier to obtain that weapon than trying to convince a JD to give you a GL.


Hey man,

Yea. If I am playing Lizzie I actually just log in on the comp with his account with me as Lizzie. I have him pick JD, start the game drop the GL and log him out. I actually do this same thing with the COG Gear as well.

So its another way at least I guess. But yea the CLAW is not a bad weapon by any means and is really easy to acquire, so I can see where you are coming from.

Thanks again for the post.

I find with the freeze card the combo of Hammerburst and claw that she can freeze anyone pretty quick with those 2 guns and the talon ammo card

I bring the Trishot, bleeding mulcher, aggressive armor, Heavy munitions and pistol ammo

I think the Claw is pretty great to use. Fires fast enough to make the Stim work against most enemies and has a decent amount of of ammo with a big clip(more than you can fire with a single active reload), gets a rate of fire boost on an active. All the while being reasonably accurate and packing a decent punch. It can wreck things pretty hard. I’ve had an incident while doing an Escape hive on Elite as Lizzie where a Scion made it out to the helipad and I had a Claw with low ammo. But in the end, I needed even less than the 50 shots I had remaining in the weapon to kill the Scion which was at full health…

Lizzie could really start with something other than the crappy Enforcer at the start of a Horde match imo, though. Even just a Hammerburst or Lancer would do.

Oh, and this isn’t strictly on topic but I experimented with aim assist settings on and off recently and damn, the amount of help the setting being on gives you is crazy. I would occasionally miss shots with the setting off(including some dubious ones where the reticle was lined up straight with an enemy, yet the shot goes sailing straight past their head), and have more trouble keeping rifles or a Tri-Shot pointed at an enemy’s head accurately while firing. With it on? Turns almost any weapon into a killing machine which I almost flawlessly aim. Seems slightly ridiculous to me that it’s this way.

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This is why i want a character that has cards that specialise around the claw.

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Don’t we all bro.

I can see Dom getting that, due to his Special Forces background. Would make since.


Being a big lmg type weapon, cole or clay could fit well as well.

Good guide, the best tip you highlighted for people is lizzie’s freeze card.

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I’d have loved(and been asking for) a Claw related skill on Lizzie, perhaps adding a minor damage boost to it. It is the best weapon to use with her imo, besides of course the Tri-Shot. But without extra damage in Horde, it eventually feels a little underwhelming on Insane and upwards. Wouldn’t have to center her around it but a little more damage wouldn’t hurt.