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Lizzie still glitched, but not Silverback!272&authkey=AA3zRYoaStkn5iw

My controls became inverted at times. I was DESPERATELY trying to kill myself in the venom, lol.

@Slipping_Flames Looks like the same glitch you had tonight, except this person could still move on their screen.

Exactly. Patch please.

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Thats not a Lizzie glitch. I have expereinced that in Horde more times than I can count with all characters. Its like the game just read that you have gone DBNO but has not let you go down so you are left powerless but still able to walk around. So far the only way I found out of it was to walk into the line of fire and die and its all fixed. The same thing happened in 4 when you executed someone with the retro lancer and were shot with a Embar just as your execution was about to make contact.

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The thing is, I wasn’t going DBNO in this scenario, I was about to meatshield when this happened. Another time was, when this exact type of action occurred before, when I instantly hoped out of the Silverback, this happened.

Do you have any videos on your occurrences? I’m curious to see others.