Lizzie’s Silverback control bug?

I’m using the classic-alt control scheme and can’t seem to put Lizzie’s silverback into Defense mode. The controller guide doesn’t show an input for performing that action, and in the campaign with the same control scheme it’s the “A” button, but that doesn’t work in Horde or Escape. Do I have to have specific cards equipped or something?

No when you switch it to alt I believe it either changes the button or you have to hold A.

The Silverback uses a different button than A to enter defense mode in Horde or Escape for some forsaken reason. It is Y on Default but no clue if it’s the same on any of the other control schemes.

LB + RB on Classic Alt.


Thank you :slight_smile:

My Silverback still can’t run since 3 and a half Operations, it’s a Glitch because i recently found a workaround;
I have to go in Defense Mode and while going out of it i immediately need to hold the A Button

  • if i stop running i got to do all that Stuff again.

I was just wondering if somebody else got the same Problem?