Lizzie Mech ultimate

So I see the salvo card, maybe it’s premature to ask but you have to equip a card to use the salvos on mech? cause I was only able to fire Cryo freeze if that is the only thing that mech fires then it’s a waste honestly

Apparently, instead of giving you weapons to start out with on the Silverback before throwing weapons on it, someone at TC thought you had to effectively end up with a weaponless vehicle until you unlock the more relevant skills. The Salvo legendary almost certainly is what puts the weapon on the Silverback…

At least, this is my interpretation based on what forum posts have been saying. Lizzie’s ult is like, effectively useless until you unlock weapon skills for it. What an “ingenious” design.


I figured as much thx for the reply and completely useless at the starter level
I like that it looks like it last longer but with the cryo gun it’s basically useless

The Silverback has a stomp attack. I used it a few times in Escape and I guess the radius is similar to the Breaker Mace slam attack?

I haven’t gotten to test that out yet. But other than for clearing out Reject or Juvie clusters I’m not too sure how useful it really is until you can put some weapons on. And if an enemy is in front of you the Silverback will kick it rather than executing the stomp attack, based on my experiences of using it in the Campaign in the Riftworm village.

Yeah I haven’t had a detailed go with it either. I only saw one energy bar which reduces regardless so it seems to be timelimited. I’m not sure if taking damage makes the energy bar go down faster either. It seems like it will need weapons added to make it work.

Am I right in thinking this is done by just picking up a suitable weapon and attaching it to the Silverback like placing a weapon in a Locker? Or do you get the weapons once you unlock the relevant card (and the cards just give buffs to the weapon).

I’m assuming it’s with a card unlock not sure though
Lizzie has some sweet cards too looks like she is heavy weapons specialist

Im level 6 with lizzie, like kait it wont be till she is high level to gain any real benefit.

but did you get salvos for the mech as you got to lvl 6 ?

To be fair, Kait’s bleed by itself has some noticeable effects. Whereas Lizzie’s ult kind of remains useless until you unlock that Mulcher bleeding or Trishot healing skill.


No the only card that shows anything to do with salvos is level 15 or 16 but a combo of bleeding mulcher and freeze enemies could be really good maxed out.

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Yeah but her bleed needs to be levelled up and you need overkill capacity levelled to start to gain any real benefits.

Lizzie takes more time to see the real benefits

ah answers my question from the other thread, I Was wondering if all I could do was melee with her ultimate in Escape…will just unlock more cards then first. For now it is useful for protection mostly if you get overwhelmed.

Does anyone know the answer to this:

Once activated, are you able to “cancel” and remove the suit manually, or do you have to wait until the Ultimate timer expires. Reason I ask is because I used her ultimate at the end of an Escape match, and after the doors closed the chopper would not come until my suit expired, so we lost a few seconds of leaderboard time there.


seems you can’t take her past elite at her low levels

which is a shame

You can. I don’t have Lizzie yet so I don’t know how, but I played an escape game today where our team mate jumped out of the mech and abandoned it as a decoy. It allowed us to win the game.

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I agree, as well as the fact you don’t have to use kait’s ultimate to use the bleed card. This makes it no comparison really.

Just got level 7 with her last night. I hate the loadout, but it seems like she will be great with heavy weapons if you can keep ammo in the them. Horde is gonna be a bit… Different.

cool thanks yes I’ve tried it a few times now, looks like you can exit the suit by pressing Y button again(ultimate) before the timer expires