Lizzie is so good in Horde

What she can do on her Cold Finish Card is awesome. She is a blast to play + Silverback. Sentries with her is bananas. Having so much fun.


Yes Lizzie is amazing in Horde!

Does her cold card work with sentries? Because that would be neat!

Yes! Having her able to build anything from a fabricator means Lizzie + Level 4 sentries = quick enemy death.


Awesome, gonna have fun with that :slight_smile:

Lizzie will be my new go to “engineer” now then, something she should have been from the start, but oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m curious if anyone knows if Salvo is really needed on Silverback anymore. With tri shot getting a nerf would it be better using Bleeding Mulcher and Tri-Shot or Salvo and Mulcher?

I never used the salvo, so limited in ammo. I just use the mulcher and then heal with the tri shot and back to mulcher. I assumed that was what most people did as I rarely see a salvo on Lizzie.


Good point here. I followed a recommendation build on forums here so was going off that