Lizzie initiator

What does the Lizzie initiator skilll Card do?

I have no clue

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Doesn’t it say in the skill description? If you damage a full health enemy its aggro will be drawn to your for X amount of seconds, based on level. Meaning it will try to attack you for that amount of time. I think there’s more useful skills than it, due to the short duration, but I’m sure someone can find some use for it.

I believe Mac has a similar skill which allows him to draw enemy attention after he lands a headshot.

I’ve used it a few times before and it can be useful in Escape as it allows your team mates to flank the enemy. Someone like Lahni who relies on melee attacks could work well in tandem, but I can’t see it being much use in Horde.

Mac’s is more useful as headshots can be landed at any time whereas Initiator is basically only good for a full health enemy. I’d only see it being useful for Lizzie if you summoned your Silverback and started shooting full health enemies to tank their damage instead of them shooting the team up.

It attracts aggro,

Not worth using since there’s better card choices.

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