Lizzie in the Mind

Is anyone else not able to use Lizzie at the moment, I was using her and now I can’t access her, it shows in the shop that Own her so why can’t I use her in Escape mode, so I reset the game and still nothing. I just want to see that Silverback one mo time, chick kinda thicc too huh?

Probably related to server issues? Can’t imagine any other reason because of the lobby browser issues last night, and because for some reason everything in Gears 5 that isn’t Campaign related requires an internet connection to access🙄

How is this relevant? Ain’t close to what they gave Kait, though.

“Due to popular demand Lizzie has been replaced by Delivery Driver Mac” - TC


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Are you serious

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Ppl don’t make jokes bout Mac

Not in these parts

Its not " MAC " man… we called it " THE BIG MAC" :smile:

he looks Irish by the way .

I literally JUST said ppl DONT make jokes about Mac, you’ll have this fine gentleman here assume me a liar :expressionless:


yeah man how dare he… you’re one of the Gears of War Celebrities here as well as @Mark36111 , people shouldnt treat you that way man .

I always believe your word man :slight_smile:


I feel you were being sincere until you tagged Mark :joy:

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I’m being sincere its just that Mark… well you know mark its mark hahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

We can see her a** through baggy mechanic pants. She’s cold oatmeal thicc, wym?

I didn’t say she wasn’t. What I wanted to know was how it was relevant to the point of the thread, even if the statement was just thrown out, seemingly, with no real seriousness.

I’m also not really familiar with some of the terminology used by you…

This in particular. It’s obviously not meant to be taken literally but “cold oatmeal ‘thicc’” doesn’t say or mean anything to me.

My friend said this to me. He said this because cold oatmeal is really thick and hard to move the spoon around. So Lizzie’s a** is thick enough to compare to cold oatmeal.

Fair enough. But Kait’s also is, in a way.

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