Lizzie hive buster locked bug

Hi TC,
First of all, congratulations for this great game! I am a real fan of GOW from the first one. Currently, I only can play versus a couple of days per week maximum because I became father recently.

I reached Lizzie Hive buster in the tour of duty. However, I cannot select the character, and it appears as locked. I don’t have the standard Lizzie, but I should be able to select the hive buster one.
Please, could you help me with this issue?

Thanks and best regards,

You need to unlock Lizzie as a base character first, pay up or get ready to grind basically…

This is TC’s new unlock mechanism. The Hive Buster you unlocked is a skin for the Lizzie character. Without having the character unlocked, you cannot use the skin for it…

Don’t worry. Your skin will be waiting when you unlock Lizzie.

This explains how to unlock Lizzie:


Thanks all!