Lizzie face it or not?

Since lizzie head&face are hid behind all kinds of headgear in gears5,do you think TC has a head&face design for her under her headgear or not?

I would love it if it turned out to be Minh’s head / face.


I think i just puked in my mouth thinking about that idea,yuck!
On a side note bernie did get a manly face(word is it might be bairds face) in who knows.

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Imagine if you had a helmet on? You wouldn’t have anywhere to spit it out!

Lizzie a carmine remember,she just swallow that gooey goodness.

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Someone showed me a screenshot of a face underneath the Hivebuster helmet for Lizzie… but you can hardly make anything out except for the blue eyes. So I couldn’t tell if it was a placeholder from some other character or actual face model for her.

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There’s some kind of model under there. I doubt they would want the staff to burn hours to create anything interesting. It’s either a borrowed model or a nondescript one.

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She’s secretly Anya reincarnated as a fated Carmine LoL. Personally I like to picture Lizzie as a super sexy firey blue eyed red haired goddess of badassery.


Sorry to burst your bubble but her hair’s black.

Then again, I’ve only seen Shadowz’s gameplay of her Motor Pool skin, so I didn’t get a good look, but I’m pretty sure it’s black.

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Don’t put that thought in my head, please.

I think they stopped doing that since UE, though. Might still be generic heads, but at least they aren’t Asian Mr. Clean.

Just played an Escape match and can confirm it’s black and VERY short.
I like that she’s still wearing the blue bandana from her Hivebuster skin too.
(And those Venom bombs must be VERY lightweight. :wink:)

How does this matter?

And very dark brown hair can look black as soon as any shadow falls on it. Just look at Kait’s.

It doesn’t matter. The wink implies a joke, no?

And if dark brown and black look the same, what’s the difference?


I just wanted to say it. Don’t see why it should be taken so seriously to get upset over.

But what does the joke refer to? Nothing?

Not upset, the hair thing just seemed very pedantic.

And the Venom bomb mechanics amused me given the outfit, not that anything could have been changed.

No offence, “Happy New Year” when it arrives in your timezone!

Nearly there. 13 minutes… but I have already heard some fireworks going off a bit early.

I’m kind of known to care about or point out little things a lot of people won’t care about. Whether that is a good or bad thing, I don’t know.


I don’t really understand. You mean the new skin for Lizzie? I didn’t even consider how the venom bomb thing worked for it. But it says something like 5 PND on it so it can’t be that heavy.

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Grammar is my pedant ‘thing’, so typing things on my chatpad takes forever (paints target on forehead) :laughing:

Yeah, her new outfit doesn’t seem like it could hold much external weight in the Venom bomb location (trying to be discreetly vague whilst conveying my meaning, hence the aforementioned ‘wink’). No fixing points either.

23:00 here in UK but I’ve been hearing fireworks since 20:00.
Someone’s always got to be the first!

Time to head out now to join the festivities, so “Happy New Year” to all!


I’m content with observing the fireworks from a distance(and not really understanding/wondering why a year turning is worth all this).

I doubt there’s that much to see if something dragged the shirt down, though. Doesn’t seem like there is, anyway. Not nothing, but not a lot. You’d probably have more luck with Kait. Her figure is more, how can I put this… developed, let’s say, than Lizzie’s. Sure seems that way to me, at least.

Does it? If so, then I’ve been doing the wrong thing to all the single ladies…

she has very blue eyes and freckles. Honestly think they just used kait and altered it alittle