Lizzie enforcer expert skill card not upgrading

the skill card enforcer expert of lizzie won’t upgrade to level 6

i’ve tried it on 3 different consoles (xbox one, xbox one x and xbox series x), pc, hard reset, even removed save game, reinstall the game.
it doesn’t work.

someone know how to fix this bug?

After update, i cannot upgrade my Intimidation gold nomad card, same as your video.

i’ve contacted @TC_Kilo1062 on twitter and solved my problem immediately.

tweet to him and maybe he can help you too.

Hey, to what level? And gamertag please?

Hi, level 3 to 4, my gamertag is Rush V8.

I just tried to force your card up and it didn’t work, something odd going on there for sure, I’ll chase up!


Ok, thanks for reply, i’m wait.

I have a card that won’t upgrade either… Blademaster Venom Blade. Been stuck on level 1… try to upgrade and it does nothing. Closed game 3-4 times. Still nothing.

I put a ticket in but don’t expect much as I’ve had tickets sit for months and months without even a reply.

at least it’s not taking the dups/GC, and still leaving you on the old level… :slight_smile:


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It may be… I rarely play the class so could have been this way for a while. Only level 16. Could have had more cards that were erased during an attempt to upgrade. IDK