Lizzie Carmine’s silverback spawns with no weapons

I just unlocked Lizzie after grinding gears5. I go to horde to use her silverback just to find that at the lowest level it has no weapons.

I understand upgrading the Silverbacks weapons with cards, but to have no weapons at all at the start seems ridiculous. It’s kind of a slap in the face.
Her Dropshot is cool though, I’ll give them credit for that.

Does anyone else think is is kind of wrong? I mean her silverback has no use at all when you first start using it.

TC, you Dunn Goofed.

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It would be cool if instead of using skills to equip it, you could just attach weapons you find to it, kinda like the skiff.
And if it lasted until it blew up, no timer.


Yeah I think the Silverback should always have a weapon of some sort. Something like a Lancer or something, whoch you revert to when your main heavy weapon runs out of ammo too.


And how cool you look running around in your 30 sec invincible mecha!
You can do a front kick with it,or a sumo kick slam,or left it as decoy for a Brumak to chew it,or summon it and dismount very fast and will stay there forever parked in the base looking cool.

Definitely an odd decision. Only thing you can do is melee. But upgrading it is pretty quick.

Really? How pathetic and very much like something implemented by TC.

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I don’t know what to say about your claim if looking cool in the Silverback, but…

Trying to combat with the the melee for the Silverback is not practical, I’ve tried to do it.

Defense mode is just portable cover without weapons on the mech

The Silverback is not invincible, it goes out after 30 seconds. And if I don’t see why I waited want to use it as a decoy for an enemy when I could use Kat.

When you start off The silverback is used more of a distraction and you can use its stomp, when you upgrade the silverback is quite cool, I enjoy using the trishot and mulcher

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