Lizzie-Bleeding Mulcher bugged?

Hey guys,
i played with Lizzie to level 10 today, to get the bleeding mulcher.
But there is a problem, maybe it is a bug.
If i shoot with the mulcher equipped in my silverback, the mulcher doesn’t cause any bleeding damage.
I don’t understand, what i’m doing wrong or is it really a bug?
Does anyone else have this problem?


Yeah, apparently it’s bugged.


I’ve done a bit of testing and it’s definitely bugged. While the Mulcher does deal a decent amount of damage over the Buzzkill, its bleed does not trigger neither in offensive nor in defensive mode, which rules out any trigger for the bleed I could reasonably see on the Silverback. Not going to go into detail because it’s late and I really am starting to feel tired.

You’d think they would play test the game a few times lol


Confirmed I just tested it on 2 different maps, private game, I tried using the Mulcher while in defense mode and also while walking around with the Silverback, and did not see any bleeding damage. Seems like a bug to me

That’s a riot.

What is defense or offense mode? Is there a button to switch that?

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On the SIlverback, To enter defense mode, tap the “Y” Button (default control scheme, basically the same button you used to activate the ultimate). You can aim better but cannot move while in that mode.


Someone in TC said “Why pay people to test the game when the player basis will do it for free?”

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I only got lizzie to lvl 5 cause of the ■■■■■■ connection issues. What happens if you have the cryo cannon card and the buzzkill card equipped? Does it give you both or does one over write the other?

You get both at once. Though I have found the Buzzkill to be a mediocre filler weapon until obtaining the Mulcher or Tri-Shot due to an absymal count of 20 rounds that doesn’t increase as you level the skill up(as far as I can tell), and its damage for such a low ammo count is horrible, whereas the Mulcher gets 1,000 and the Tri-Shot 560, and both of those do fairly adequate damage.

But apparently, if you have more than two weapon skills at once, the selection will be randomized. I wouldn’t recommend doing this(haven’t tested it myself yet), seeing as there’s other good skills on Lizzie to be used(the Stim card for example is super useful for going into melee with enemies, especially Elites as they don’t get disrupted by your melee attacks).

Some more general Silverback advice… its health does regenerate if you don’t get hit for a few seconds, if anyone wasn’t aware yet. Every weapon that does damage counts towards bringing her ult cooldown down, as she does not have skills pertaining to any particular weapon outside of the Silverback. And I would recommend to mark as many enemies as possible, including those that are about to die to someone, as that helps get the ult ready much faster as well, due to Lizzie’s passive.

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Have the card now on level 2, 30% bleeding, i really hope they fix it next week.

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Same here man this needs to be fixed ASAP, she is really fun to use but at least 2 cards are bugged(Explosive Munitions card does not seem to be causing the splash damage)

So one of two things happened at TC. Either:

  1. Somehow these bugs were missed in the play testing. This seems pretty ridiculous since they are literally the main focus of the character.


  1. TC knew about the bugs but didn’t communicate them and didn’t dare push the release of the character back.

Either way it’s more TC being TC. It’s quite sad when not one single person expects anything they do to roll out according to plan. At least they didn’t break the progression system with this update like they usually do.

Does it work now after the batch?

The batch?

No I tested it just now, still does not work properly, no bleeding effect.

At this point I would like them to simply acknowledge the issue exists and that a fix is in the works, but I don’t know if they’ve commented on this yet.

Oh man …

oh naive one…

I don’t think there ever was a tester. I seriously believe TC is trying to save money by releasing untested patches and having us deal with it.

I was finally able to lvl Lizzie the last 2 days. Advanced and below suck right now. They didn’t use too. Now that I’m out of limbo I’ve starting to make some actual progress. Just got the mulcher last night. i was hoping this patch would fix that. I was able to join a match in mid session without crashing so I hope they fixed that. I was afraid the patch was ONLY to introduce the gearsmas crap.

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Can I also add to this . Something I think Isnt right. When you have the trishot attached and try to cool it down there is a huge delay before you can fire it again. You get tons of bullets but nowhere near able to use them all because of this silly delay. Has anyone else notice this. ( If you use your other weapon then come back to the trishot it fires again but if your using salvos and they are out of ammo then you simply sit there waiting for the trishot to fire again.)