Lizzie/baird horde cards?

we can all guess baird will be an engineer or support/engineer build, how about lizzie?

What do you think their cards/class will be?

Side note: any ideas on what possible future characters would be set up as?

Elizabeth Bathory will most likely be a vampire class, with her ultimate being a health drain ability making her close to indestructible.

She could have cards with abilities like:

  • extra damage and health while not in direct sunlight,
  • instantly being able to kill DBNO enemies,
  • minor health drain from bleeding enemies,
  • extra damage to bleeding enemies,
  • being able to see all living enemies from X distance away
  • Throw ink or kryll grenades (like the Batman Theron from RAAM’s Shadow)

Baird - Engineer
Lizzie - Probably a Scout/Soldier class

As far as cards go… I have no idea! :sweat_smile:

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.


I would like to see a scout and sniper class combo

Cards that auto collect power on a headshot on the max upgrade or causes bleed to a near by enemy.

Perfect selection for Anthony along with a card that buffs damage if near a carmine brother/relative.

They better not have taken the easy route and made these chars half ■■■. The game is failing and I can picture TC just throwing half baked things out there to try to hold onto the dwindling player basis.

Baird is most likely going to be an engineer. He had better have perks that Del would kill for. I don’t want him to have half as many perks as Del or have a combination of Del and someone else’s perks. I want these chars to have new cards we haven’t seen yet. Cards that actually work “on release”.

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I agree, i want them to all be unique. I also hope baird isn’t just del with a baird skin, thats why i said i hope he is designed as an engineer and another class mix.

The potential for unique cards is there its just a case of will TC use that or water it down and throw the same cards with different names at every character.

Lizzie will have a Hurricane Kick style move with +1000% Bleed damage.


I think Baird will be an engineer, it’s kind of a no brainer.


Baird should have something of an Ultimate like “Re-wire”. This will make any Robotic enemies in set radios become under your control until set time.

It always bothered me in 4 where Baird would say stuff like “What the hell was I thinking” when fighting against the Bots. I mean, he freak-en designed these things.

Lizzy should have somthing where you can stick grenades for bonus damage and causing no damage to you for her ULT. It would tie nicely into the character from the Campaign.
'So this is the Swarm (Stick Grenade), I’m not impressed" (Boom)


A cool idea but how on earth would she get close enough to stick something on masters?

Dunno, But maybe with the Helmet on she would have more armor lol.

I would rather his be a mix of two classes. Otherwise it makes him del2.

That’s fine so long as he can compete against Del as engineer. Not like Kat where you feel handicapped. I just don’t want his entire skill tree to be made up of perks we already have. I want him to have something new besides an ult. When playing as Del I always felt the urge to run the reduced recoil on deebee weapons for the tri shots but couldn’t bring myself to switch out anything.

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I hope she’s a gung-ho asthmatic just like the rest of the Carmine family.

Except Gary, somehow he dodged that. Probably the bandana.

Baird most likely will be engineer class(obviously). His cards could be;

Sentrys do 10% extra damage.

Some card that gives you a perk if you have Jack nearby, sort of like the Del one.

Can’t think of much else atm.

Knowing tc that would mean a return of impact dark.

Half the characters sound like there gonna have a heat attack by the time they’ve run from the spawn to the base setup.

With all these other cameos, I wouldn’t even be mad at that :joy: Take the wrestler back and give me the vampire lady!

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