Lizzie and Lahni's bugged cards aknowledged by TC

I just heard it now on the livestream, from @TC_Octus , I’m paraphrasing some bits:

“our QA team was on it as soon as it was reported”

“will likely be addressed in the next title update, in January, but no promises yet”

Thanks guys, that’s all I wanted to hear. Great stream also thanks for all the detailed info and keep up the great work!

What about Sarah heavy preparation? Lol

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As much as I like the fact that they acknowledged it, why does it need to take so long to fix every little thing? One of my biggest gripes that I’ve got with TC is how slow they are at doing anything.

At this moment, they’ve got a plethora of issues, from the most miniscule to the most urgent ones, that they need to tackle, yet it’s always we’ll get to it in a month, a year, a decade, maybe never.

sigh Sorry for the rant. And thanks OP for sharing.


For real. Literally any other dev team could drop a hotfix within a day of finding such a small easily fixable thing like this. And TC needs literal months and it’s obviously not for them to test. Because we all know they don’t test their game


Its Christmas …

I’m frustrated that theres no way for us to see the list of bugs they plan on squashing. Del’s discount in horde has been broken since the game launched and I’ve made a post about it that while back… there are other bugs in my list that I have found but should I even bother posting them? I have no clue what gets picked up

it takes a long time because it’s an xbox game. it has to go through a big process to get things approved.

There is a huge difference. Other PC only games can update constantly because it doesn’t need to go through many channels.

For one, the studio is probably running on a skeleton crew right now due to the holidays.

For two, fixes that appear small to us, aren’t necessarily small fixes in the code. And it also takes time for them to even discover where the problem actually is, to fix it.

For three, the patch will have to go through certification before being allowed to go live on the platform.

Del’s discount is broken? How so? Has always worked fine for me.

It’s only supposed to apply to the first five fortifications you purchase, and doesn’t apply to upgrades, if that’s what you think is broken about it. Meant to give you a headstart on establishing your base, not a game-long discount on everything.

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Not the upgrades I’m talking about. As you buy more fortifications they go up in Increments of 1,000 power. The discount does not follow. You can see more of the breakdown in my post here : Horde- Del's Discounts Are Not Accurate

You are actually mistaken.

I see where your confusion is coming from.

Allow me to clarify.

In horde mode, there has always been a built in mechanic where your fortifications will go up in purchase cost based on the # of items you have purchased.

This is actually not the price of the fortification increasing, that is to say - the specific value for the cost of the item is not changing in the background, instead, a separate value, elsewhere, is increasing and applying to the initial cost.

The card only applies to the value in the initalial cost slot, not the values affecting it.

This can be observed easily with the master mod as well, as far as I know, and I could be wrong but it wouldn’t take much testing wither- the master mod seems to increase initial power in increments of 100. I haven’t noticed that change to wierd numbers like 57/66/75 or anything.


Initial cost formula:
2,000-(2000/10+2000/card discount)= initial cost.

After five purchases it looks like this
(1000*x)+(2000- {2000/10+2000/card discount})

X= number of sets of 5 purchases.

Because the math for this part of the cost is not a part of the fortification cost per say, but instead the result of a separate modifier elsewhere, the card has no effect.


It’s ok no problem I agree it is taking a little too long, but for me it’s cool I just play with other characters in the meantime, but yeah I wish it was fixed sooner

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Even outside the holiday season, they like to take their sweet time when making fixes/changes to the game.

@XJ9lol I play a ton of games, and I can confirm that other studios are way more efficient at fixing their game than TC is, regardless of the certification process.


Probably right.

Other studios are ably to fix issues, both big and small at a faster pace than TC, for the most part.

I know how all of this works. I wasn’t born yesterday. Compared to other studios, they work at a snail’s pace
You’d think that them being an MS owned studio, they’d be more efficient at releasing fixes and tunings because they can expedite the certification process or MS can prioritize them when TC puts something up for certification.

Two observations…

More Gears 5 bugs and issues, to be expected, trash devs with no clue.

TC have a QA team. Hahahahahahahaha, funniest thing I’ve ever read here,