Lizzie and baird but how do we get them?

Will these be buy or earn chars?It didn’t state how to get them.

Im guessing theyll be in a totem system. But cant say for sure, hopefully someone knows.

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Most definitely. Hey, maybe they’ll be 7-8$ a piece since they’re more unique!

Characters are going to be free as per TC. How they give them to us we will find out soon

From what I can tell from the Operation 1 character drop article, what we will earn the characters through are these Totem thingys. But how the challenges are presented for them in Operation 2 and the following ones, that’s anyone’s guess.

Orrrr… you can just buy them.

Which sucks because nobody is going to want to wait to play them. So, I imagine a lot of people are going to sink money into this.

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They’re free and earnable and not time limited. It’s been stated many times before.

There will probably be a shortcut to just pay for them, like the COG Gear and Warden.

So exicited to do another 18 escape runs


Look on the bright side - apparently there will be some new Hives to grind on!

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yes hopefully. and i might be able to lvl up the last character to 15 and get the achivement. Still tedious to do,

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Haha. Unlocked seriously 5.0 Last week. Now I can Finish Off Gears 4.
They should concentrate on Gears 6 and let Gears 5 die.


The same as the COG Soldiers, RAAM, DeeBee and the Warden.

It’ll be a totem that unfortunately requires you to also suffer through Escape and Horde. I do want Baird though, which places me in an ugly predicament…

It’s not like we’ve already had 4 to earn…

good for you. That must been exciting to do…

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I just hope they are available for horde and they have a full set of perks. Better be some unique perks as well and not a copy/paste of existing chars. Baird better damn site have ■■■■ that Del would kill for.

I somewhat expect Baird to have some DB related abilities, perhaps getting some on his side(and I mean actually useful DBs, not just some Trackers that may not even kill an enemy) or have an ult to make a Vulture perform an Incendiary bomb drop on a certain area, or make a Condor drop some DB pods into the fray, which is also going to really hurt everything hit by a drop pod, or kill it if it’s small enough(eg Drone size enemies would probably always be a kill if hit).

But for what Lizzie gets? That’s anybody’s guess.

“Road Kill”.
She goes off screen and drives a truck across an area of the map :stuck_out_tongue:

That is actually remarkably similar to an idea I’ve had where her ult gets a Minotaur to crash into enemies. Preferably a Snatcher.

I want Baird to temporarily operate a silverback. Giving back that thing I feel would be unfair but as an ult it could be acceptable. I actually hated the silverback in gears 3 because of how fragile it was and the cost of keeping it repaired.

My main concern is they have a full set of perks and they are good. Not a combination of 2 existing classes.

I can’t really speak for the whole skill thing, kinda just waiting to see what they’ve given them. But if Baird was to be an engineer equal to Del, wouldn’t he at least need some sort of repair boost? And he might have some Jack related skill though I do not know what form that would take.

They did give the COG Gear skills pretty much only on that character(even the Lancer skill, from what I hear, seems to be active on all Lancers and not just the standard model, unlike the Lancer skill for Marcus), so I would think they’d manage this for Lizzie and Baird too. If they’ve been working on them for a while which I think is likely. But not really being sure what role they’ll give Lizzie, there’s no telling, really. So I’d rather wait for details.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s going to be any replacing Jack’s power production(which I think needs tuning down, but power tap placement should also be more sensible - no one in their right mind is going to drag the fabricator and what has already been built to the other end of the map because the game decided to spawn taps on the opposite end of where you’re set up on a higher difficulty, let alone Master). Most seem to want him just for that, and because of his relative usefulness at reviving. Sometimes you don’t have a COG Gear either and Jack may be the last or second last one alive. And has a much easier time reviving downs than anyone else…